District Competitions

For the first round of NSAC competitions, each team competes at the district level (determined by the geographical location of the school). District competitions will vary. Some competitions are held in conjunction with a professional district meeting while others are not. Some districts may only have a few teams and others will have more than 20. Some districts have competitions that last two days. Others are held for only one day. Some district competitions move from city to city around the district and others are always held in the same city. 

District judging panels select a first-place team(s) to move to the semi-final round. Districts that have 14 or more teams qualify as mega-districts. In this case, teams will be evenly divided into two randomly selected competition tracks with two separate panels of judges. First-place winners from each competition track will advance to the semi-finals. More details are provided in the NSAC Policies and Procedures guide. 


2023 District Competitions

District 1


District 2

April 21–22, 2023

District 3

April 2122, 2023

District 4

April 2123, 2023

District 5

April 2122, 2023

District 6


District 7

April 2123, 2023

District 8

April 1415, 2023

District 9

April 2021, 2023

District 10

April 1214, 2023

District 11

Direct questions to District Representative Patti Cody

District 12

April 1415, 2023

District 13

April 22, 2023

District 14


District 15