As a member of the AAF, you become part of a talented community with access to connections, resources and professional development to help you become and stay successful in the advertising industry.


Professional Club Membership

AAF's professional Ad Clubs are the lifeblood of the American Advertising Federation. They give the organization touch-points in hundreds of locations across the country and provide a powerful voice in local business communities and state legislatures. Local ad clubs sponsor a variety of local programs, including industry-related speaking events, professional development workshops, educational seminars, public service initiatives, social events and local award competitions recognizing excellence in advertising. In addition to the benefits a local Ad Club provides..local membership = a national membership! That means you get access to the national network of advertising professionals, students, educators, brands, media companies, agencies, and other organizations, as well as nationally-sponsored programs and events.

Ad 2 Club Membership

Ad 2 is a collaborative community of passionate, forward-thinking and motivated professionals that are making a difference in their local communities and in their industry. The purpose of Ad 2 is to provide an additional opportunity to members of the AAF, aged 32 and under, to gain more leadership and professional experience through networking events, professional development seminars, and public service initiatives. The community of local Ad 2 Clubs across the United States turns the dynamic world of advertising into a natural incubator for professionals to grow, learn and accelerate their careers with like-minded peers.

Ready to join? Find your local Ad Club or Ad 2 Club and learn more about the membership process.

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College Chapter Membership

The AAF has more than 140 College Chapters across the U.S. with nearly 4,000 student members. As a member, the AAF provides students with opportunities to gain valuable insights into the worlds of advertising, to make connections with industry professionals, and to discover internship and job opportunities that will help propel your advertising career forward. As an educator at a college or university, membership is the perfect way to make an impact on students looking to learn more about the world of advertising.

Ready to jumpstart your career in advertising? Find your local College Chapter to learn more about the membership process.  

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Corporate Membership

Is your company looking to make an impact on the industry? Our corporate memberships are reserved for brands and businesses that wish to connect with the AAF's membership and support the AAF's efforts. Our corporate members represent the nation's leading brands, media companies, and agencies.

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