Criteria for Election

Advertising Hall of Achievement

  • Candidates must be 40 years old or younger at the time of nomination.
  • Employed in the American advertising industry (advertiser, agency, media or tech).
  • Have outstanding career achievements, with measurable results, in the field of advertising whether in marketing, sales or media.
  • Qualities that motivate others to excel, exhibited through mentoring, inspiring, training or volunteering.
  • Inductees must be present at the awards luncheon.

Jack Avrett Spirit Award

  • Candidates should meet the above criteria for the Advertising Hall of Achievement.
  • Additionally, candidates should demonstrate extraordinary volunteer efforts that reach beyond that of their peers and contribute to the betterment of the advertising industry and their community.
  • The recipient is chosen from the entire list of nominations at the discretion of the Council of Judges, who may choose not to select someone in any given year.


Voting Process & Procedure

Once nominations close, the Executive Committee will review all electronic nominations submitted to the AAF. The Committee will be given time to review these nominations and vote on your top ten selections.

The AAF will tally the votes and the 12 nominees with the most votes will make the short list of semi-finalists. All ties for the 12th spot will be included, which may bring us beyond 12 candidates. The short list will be emailed to the Executive Committee and the short list will be final, as it will reflect a quorum of the committee.

Members of the Executive Committee are invited to also serve on the Council of Judges. Each of the semi-finalists are asked to record a video testimonial from a selected individual speaking on their behalf. The Council of Judges will review all submitted videos and nomination submissions prior to the Council of Judges meeting, where there will be open, private discussion about the candidates. Once the discussion concludes, each member of the Council of Judges will be given a ballot to vote for their selected seven candidates, including their selected nominees for the Jack Avrett Spirit Award.

The AAF will tally all votes and announce the top eight semi-finalists with the most votes and the winner of the Jack Avrett Spirit Award. If there is a tie, it is at the discretion of the Advertising Hall of Achievement chairs and AAF leadership to include additional honorees beyond eight.

The elected class of inductees will be notified by the AAF within 24 hours, and the induction class will be publicly announced at a later date in partnership with our trade media supporters.


Nomination Deadline: May 5, 2023

AAF Staff

Lisa Rubin
Executive Vice President, Events & Corporate Services


Beatrice V. Santacroce
Senior Manager, Events and Corporate Services