Council of Governors


Danielle Salley, Associate Interactive Director, Chernoff Newman

Vice Chair

Leigh Farrior, Production Director, Stamp Idea Group


Stephanie Price, Cultural Foundation of the Texas Panhandle

Immediate Past Chair

Larry Brantley, President, Chaloner


District 2: Josh Gumulak, FARM Buffalo
District 3: Lenza Jolley
District 4: Giovana Williams, Grova Creative
District 5: Michael Seay, MadAveGroup
District 6: Andy  Morris
District 7: Jeff Harrison, TransMediaCreative
District 8: Bridget Deutz, Greenline Marketing
District 9: Kelli Britten, University of Nebraska
District 10: Crystal Gonzales, Pandora
District 11: Christal Gammill, Team One
District 12: Laura Schnarr, Neon Pig Creative
District 13: Paul Lam, Media Buy Paul
District 14: Kurt Thigpen, Ace Studios
District 15: Jacob Poore, Growing Inland Achievement
Ad 2 National Chair: Peter Iliopoulos, Acceleration Partners

Division Chairs

Division 1: Jimmy Asa, Better Business Bureau
Division 2: Carolina Buchas, The Martin Group
Division 3: Ana Woodford, Ronald McDonald House Omaha
Division 4: Han Owens, Amarillo Civic Center Complex
Division 5: Shelby Smith, Paladin

AAF Staff

Dawn Reeves
EVP, Member Services & Programs


Amanda Dehart
Director, Professional Membership & Programs