The students to be inducted shall be called to stand before the assembly. The president of Alpha Delta Sigma, or the faculty advisor shall read the following before awarding the membership certificates:

ALPHA DELTA SIGMA is the world’s first advertising fraternity. It was organized by nine students at the University of Missouri on November 14, 1913.

Although advertising education has come a long way since that time, the three precepts set down at the meeting have
not changed:

  1. To combine in one fraternal body students and practitioners in the advertising business.
  2. To accord advertising education greater recognition by the universities and advertising professionals.
  3. To bring greater prestige to advertising and its practitioners.

Your induction into Alpha Delta Sigma signifies to you, to your colleagues and to your university that the American Advertising Federation and its advertising professionals across this nation recognize your outstanding academic achievement and leadership in your chosen field.

The words ALPHA DELTA SIGMA serve as the foundation of our profession.

ALPHA symbolizes the Greek word that stands for Truth. Without Truth, you will lack public confidence and will lose the respect of your peers. What advertising says must be borne out by the people responsible for it. Do you promise to uphold Truth in Advertising? (Answer: I do.)

DELTA symbolizes the Greek word for Persistence. Your advertising must first of all be truthful, but to win the greatest success, it must also be regular, steady and persistent. The person who would succeed in advertising must make it a regular and definite part of his/her business policy. Will you always remember that persistence is the second guiding principle of our profession? (Answer: I will.)

SIGMA symbolizes the Greek word for Cooperation. It is the spirit of teamwork that unites us in the fraternity of ALPHA DELTA SIGMA. Here you will find the ideals of mutual service, helpfulness, affection and solidarity for a cause we believe to be worthy. Do you agree to share with your colleagues your knowledge and experience, and to cooperate with them in their endeavors to advance the prestige and ideals of our profession? (Answer: I do.)

ALPHA DELTA SIGMA—Truth…Persistence…Cooperation. These guiding principles we offer you as the foundation for an honorable career in whatever field of advertising you may choose. As we present each of you with your certificate of membership, may you be ever mindful of the duties and the privileges symbolized herewith.

(Candidates are then presented the certificates and congratulated by the presiding officer.)