2024 AAF Legislative Comments

The Nebraska legislature should reject efforts to tax any form of advertising.
This bill will place significant and unnecessary limitations on the marketing and advertising of food and food products.
The bill’s vague and overly broad terms are likely to give rise to a host of legal and constitutional questions due to their infringement on the First Amendment speech rights of both advertisers and consumers.
We continue to believe that harmonization across state privacy standards is critical for providing consumers with understandable privacy rights and for minimizing compliance costs for businesses of all sizes.
SB 473 still contains provisions that are out-of-step with privacy laws in other states. We ask you to harmonize SB 473 with other state laws by reinserting standard exemptions for certain entities and data covered by federal sectoral privacy laws.
The House Ways and Means Committee should reject this overly broad approach and protect the enormous benefits advertising provides Maryland’s businesses and consumers.
Advancing the OAA would add a new and unprecedented law to the patchwork of privacy standards across the states, which would create significant costs for businesses and consumers alike.
Taking a divergent approach would make HF 2309 out of step with privacy laws passed in other states and would have far-reaching, unfavorable consequences for Minnesota businesses and consumers alike.
H. 121 has unfortunately been amended to diverge even more substantially from existing state-level privacy laws.
We ask the Committee to recommend the legislature update the bill in ways that harmonize it with the majority of privacy laws that have been enacted in other states.