Mosaic Principles

The American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) Mosaic Council is the advertising industry’s preeminent think tank on diversity and inclusion. To create a foundation for the Mosaic Council’s work, the members have created the AAF’s Mosaic Principles. These Principles offer agencies and companies at-large the recommendations needed to institute common diversity practices that are essential to addressing the demands of our consumers. 

1. We Must Recruit to Develop An Inclusive Industry 

We believe that the future of the industry is reliant on a workforce that reflects the diversity of demographics, lifestyle, experience and mindset of America today and tomorrow. For long-term success, the advertising industry must better represent the mixtures that together create America.

2. We Must Provide Greater Access to Development and Leadership Opportunities

Exposure to the right people, brands and assignments in the advertising industry is career-defining. Facilitating connections within the AAF membership and advertising community at-large will help drive the change that we seek through retention, development and leadership. 

3. We Must Implement Fair Business Practices—Supplier Diversity

Ensuring a diverse supplier base in procuring goods and services is integral for any organization. It reinforces the development of a supply chain that secures the inclusion of diverse groups in an organization’s business plan.  A company’s commitment to supplier diversity initiatives displays its dedication to doing business in diverse markets, as well as highlights it’s responsibility to the economic growth of all communities.

4. We Must Recognize the Diversity of Talent Within the Industry

Recognition comes with reward. We must bring greater awareness to the hidden storytellers, innovators and provocateurs in the industry.

5. We Must Encourage the Industry to Portray Multifaceted Images of Multicultural Communities 

Presenting realistic images of multicultural markets can play a key role in creating a society that is inclusive of the many consumers who define the American marketplace and dispel the stereotypes that have been perpetuated for far too long.

6. We Must Establish a Standard for Cultural Competency Within Our Organizations 

Creating a diverse industry begins with the examination of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace and the development of best practices. Only then can we showcase the diversity of thought and cultural identity, inclusive decision-making, and equitable opportunities for organization affiliates.