2020 Steve Pacheco Insights

The Year That Was…It would be really easy to write a year-end wrap-up column here on just how “challenging” 2020 was, or how “unprecedented” these “uncertain” times were.
Thanks. And…Giving. In the Summer of 2004, I flew from LA to Memphis one morning on what should have been a routine flight. One I had made dozens of times before. Although there was nothing routine about this flight.
So Many Opportunities for Volunteer Leadership at the AAF…I am very aware that there is an important National Election going on right now. (How can you miss it?)
The Summer of our (dis)content. Some of my favorite Summer memories from childhood were our annual family vacation trips to Cape Cod to spend two weeks with my Father’s four brothers, and their families, and get time on the beach!
Happy New Year?! At the AAF, we celebrate our new fiscal year by bringing in another outstanding roster of exceptional volunteer leadership across our grass roots network from Coast to Coast.
The value of your AAF Membership is ultimately defined by you. Some AAF Members see real value in tapping in to our grass roots network all across North America.
Reasons to Celebrate. We have a few…It’s widely known that I’ve never been one to walk away from a good celebration…just the opposite.
Hope & Optimism. First and most importantly, I hope you, and your family and your friends, are healthy and safe. These are truly trying times for all of us.
A Special Message to All AAF Members…AAF Staff, AAF Members, AAF volunteers, AAF sponsors and supporters…they all have more than a few things in common.
As a college student (way back when) I had a print ad that I had done for a local advertiser that ran in The University of Memphis college newspaper (The Helmsman) that I thought was really awesome!