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Thursday, June 2




Executive Directors Meeting

Are you an Executive Director for one of the many AAF Professional Chapters or Districts? This is the meeting for you. Together EDs will learn from many AAF staff members and organization leaders about the coming year’s events, projections and expectations. A meeting favorite, an Idea Exchange session of best practices and events will be part of this half-day session. This session is for current Executive Directors of AAF Clubs and Districts.


District Meetings

AAF Governor conducted meetings held to discuss District business. Respective District officers and members are encouraged to attend their select meeting. View the ADMERICA 2022 app for specific meeting times and locations.


NEEC Summer Meeting - Part 1

For members of the AAF's National Education Executive Council.


NSAC Teams Check-In


Council of Governors Meeting

All current Governors, Lt. Governors, Region Chairs, Ad 2 national board members and past chairs are encouraged to attend this regularly scheduled business meeting. In addition to “wrap-up” discussions, the newest member to the Council of Governors Executive Committee will be elected. 

Larry Brantley, Chair, AAF Council of Governors; President, Chaloner
Danielle Salley, Vice Chair, AAF Council of Governors; Associate Interactive Director, Chernoff Newman
Dawn Reeves, EVP, Club Services, Membership, Programs, AAF


NSAC Recruiter Insights Session with RPA

Recruiters lead a session for students to discover tips and tricks to get hired at one of the top firms in the advertising industry and share insights from their own professional journeys.


NSAC Recruiter Insights Session with GS&P

Recruiters lead a session for students to discover tips and tricks to get hired at one of the top firms in the advertising industry and share insights from their own professional journeys.


Board of Directors Meeting

Led by Sony EVP & Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Board Chair Tiffany R. Warren will host the final meeting of the 2021-2022 fiscal year. All board members are expected to attend the meeting Presentations from the officers and various AAF staff members are part of the agenda as well as the election of the 2022-2023 officers. Plan to hear a Year in Review report from President & CEO Steve Pacheco.

Tiffany R. Warren, Chair, AAF Board of Directors; EVP, Chief D&I Officer, Sony Music Group; Founder & President, ADCOLOR
Steve Pacheco, President & CEO, AAF


NSAC Recruiter Insights Session with Boathouse

Recruiters lead a session for students to discover tips and tricks to get hired at one of the top firms in the advertising industry and share insights from their own professional journeys.


NSAC Recruiter Insights Session with Amazon Ads

Recruiters lead a session for students to discover tips and tricks to get hired at one of the top firms in the advertising industry and share insights from their own professional journeys.


Howdy! Networking Reception

It’s been two long years… The time has come to gather the AAF network. All full-conference registrants are invited to attend the ADMERICA welcome reception. Join us at the gazebo as we meet and greet new and old friends alike. This opportunity to meet fellow attendees will be the beginning of a fun night on Nashville’s famed Broadway! So come dressed to impress in your best cowboy hat, boots and western duds as we will take a trip downtown immediately following the reception. 


Honky Tonk Pub Crawl…These Boots are Made for Walkin’

Are you ready to unwind? Join us as we enjoy a good old-fashioned pub crawl featuring AAF specials in a few Honky Tonks on famed Broadway. Great music, laughs and memories await! We will board buses immediately following the Howdy Reception. Buses will depart at 7:45pm and 8:45pm. Note: Transportation provided for downtown only. Return transportation can be easily secured through Lyft and Uber. 

Friday, June 3


National Student Advertising Competition

The last and final round of the National Student Advertising Competition is Finals. This year's competition will feature the final eight teams and their vision for Meta Quest 2 based on the client brief. These teams represent the best of the best from across the nation having competed and advanced from the first two rounds of competition. Conference registrants are welcome to attend. 




Ad 2 Public Service Competition

The Ad 2 Public Service Competition has a long-standing history as a cornerstone event for the AAF’s young advertising professional membership. Through this competition, Ad 2 members work to impact their respective communities by developing and implementing multi-media campaigns. Today, clubs across the nation will showcase their case studies. The winning team will present their campaign during the Salute to Achievers Luncheon, Sunday. 


Annual Business Meeting
Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award Presentation
Keynote: Harnessing the Power of Inclusive Leadership and Collaboration

A busy morning and the official opening to ADMERICA 2022! Join AAF Board Chair Tiffany R. Warren and AAF President and CEO Steve Pacheco as they and fellow AAF board members lead you through the annual business meeting. Following the business session, Ann Iverson will join Steve on stage for the presentation of the prestigious Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal.

Tiffany R. Warren, Chair, AAF Board of Directors; EVP, Chief D&I Officer, Sony Music Group; Founder & President, ADCOLOR
Steve Pacheco, President & CEO, AAF

Ann Iverson, Chair, Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award Committee; Strategic Marketing Consultant
Mike Weber, AAF Tampa Bay, AAF District 4; Owner/President/Creative Director, CMR Studios

Don’t go anywhere… On the heels of the Gold Medal celebration, Innovid will take to the stage with a special keynote, "Harnessing the Power of Inclusive Leadership and Collaboration." As diversity and inclusion initiatives in tech and advertising continue to gain momentum, inclusive leadership is a considerable force in making real progress. The industry is at a pivotal moment, acknowledging the importance of diverse voices and representation, but how are we taking action as marketing leaders? In this session, hear from Jeff Marshall, Chief Diversity Officer, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging, UM Worldwide; Sheila Gibson, AVP, Acquisitions, New Constructions, and Divestiture Projects, HCA Healthcare and ITG Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Chair; and Ahed Jendza, Head of Industries, Auto, Innovid, as they discuss how building high-performing and thriving teams of diverse individuals is driving impact for their business. They’ll explore the importance of visible commitment, effective collaboration with internal and external teams, and how their teams are using recent learnings to practice inclusive advertising.

Sheila Gibson, AVP, Acquisitions, New Constructions, and Divestiture Projects, and Chair, ITG Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, HCA Healthcare
Ahed Jendza, Head of Auto, Innovid
Jeff Marshall, Chief Diversity Officer, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging, UM Worldwide


More than Whiskey—The Untold Story of the Jack Daniel’s Brand

How does a 150-year-old brand continue to remain relevant today? What are the principles and practices that have seen it grow from a small regional craft brand to the number one selling whiskey brand in the world today? Why has it received unpaid endorsement from music legends and Nobel Prize winning authors and continues to appear in movies, television shows, books and songs without product placement? We’ll explore the answers and give you a taste of this iconic brand’s continuing secret for success as well as a taste of something more. Come explore with us and be ready for a few surprises. 


Lunch on Your Own


Keynote: Getting REEL with Meta

Join Becky Bui of Meta’s Small Business Group for an impactful discussion on small businesses and digital advertising. During this session, Meta will also host Reels School for attendees to learn how to start creating Reels that engage your audience and help you reach your business goals. In this hands-on session, small businesses will be able to unlock native creative tools to create successful Instagram posts.

Becky Bui, North American Regional Director, Small Business Group, Meta
Julie Walton Garland, Co-Owner of Walton's Antique Jewelry
Darlenne Helena, Meta Boost, Small Business Team


Ad Ethics Now! Why, What, How

The session will demonstrate how important the practice of enhanced ethics is to the consumer, the advertiser and for the careers of our professionals. As to Why, in addition to documenting the strong business case showing that consumers reward and punish companies that do and don’t practice ethics, we will explore the personal case for our professionals wanting to “do the right thing” in their daily work. Illustrations of recent beliefs in ethics from college students will be included. As to What are the ethical dilemmas our professionals face, emphasis will be placed on the need for transparency to provide truthfulness, credibility in endorsements and in the collection of consumer data. Ethics rises above the law, and our session will provide illustrations of avoiding violence and racial unfairness in our marketing, and the need to prohibit violent, false political and hate speech from our social and marketing sites. We will conclude with how we can inspire our professionals to practice enhanced ethics, and structure our departments to practice ethics through internal, private discussions. Time will be provided for questions and illustrations of ethical conduct from our audience. The session presents a lead into our Institute’s Certified Ethical Advertising Executive (CEAE) professional certification and a link will be provided to register with the corporate and student discounts provided by AAF. 

Wally Snyder, President, Institute for Advertising Ethics


Ad 2 National Board Meeting

All Ad 2 members are encouraged to attend this meeting where we will review the 2021-2022 year, hear from local leadership on their Presidents' reports, vote on Mid-Year Retreat 2022 host city and the newest Executive team member, and announce the Club of Excellence winners. 

Tina Tsang, Chair, Ad 2  National; Associate Media Director, Firehouse


Birds of a Feather 1: Membership Recruiting & Retention

Looking for ways to build your local network? Of course, you are! Make plans now to join the discussion about best practices for recruiting, retention and how to convey a compelling invitation to join and actively participate in the AAF. Session leaders will share their insights and then open the discussion to all attendees. 

Larry Brantley, Chair, AAF Council of Governors; President, Chaloner
Dave Perry, Chair, AAF Central Region; Director of Marketing and Business Development, 3Sixty Interactive


Birds of a Feather 2: Club Operations & Budgeting

The devil is in the details! Your hosts will help uncover the most important aspects of effectively managing the ongoing activities necessary for a successful club. From how to file your taxes to roster management, setting expectations and more, this session is designed to help all club leaders lead their chapters to success! And as is always the case with our roundtable discussions, we will look to you to add to the insightful nature of this two-way conversation.

Leigh Farrior, Secretary-Treasurer, AAF Council of Governors; Production Director, Stamp Idea Group
Paul Klein, Chair, AAF Western Region; Lobbyist, TriStrat


Ad 2 Public Service Competition Winner's Announcement

Ad 2 National will announce this year's winner of the Public Service competition and hand out awards to the winning Public Service teams. All guests are welcome to attend this celebration as we crown the new winner of the 2021-2022 competition and recognize the inspiring work the teams have put forth into their communities. 

5:30pm –6:30pm

American Advertising Awards Reception

Join us for a pre-Gala reception just outside the Delta Ballroom. Complete with music, photo opportunities and a chance to toast one another, this reception is an occasion to gather as we prepare to celebrate the nation’s excellence in advertising. This event is limited to full-conference registrants and American Advertising Awards ticket holders.


American Advertising Awards Gala & Celebration

The time has come to celebrate the winners of the country’s largest creative competition. The night's Gala will feature award-winning work from both the Professional and Student American Advertising Awards, special recognition from the esteemed jury and more. Prepare to be inspired as we reflect on the best work of 2021. Dinner will be served. Dress code is black tie optional.

This event is limited to full-conference registrants and American Advertising Awards ticket holders.

Saturday, June 4




Trial By Fire: A Guide to Communicating Well Throughout Your Year as President

Want to know what to expect from your upcoming year as President of your local AAF chapter? This interactive and engaging presentation is guaranteed to deliver a real sense of the good, the bad, and the interesting parts of your new role. Volunteer audience members will participate in re-enacted scenarios of actual situations club Presidents have faced, while a panel of pseudo-celebrity-judges will provide praise, feedback, and lots of laughs. 

Yeosh Bendayan, Founder & Partner, Push Button Productions


Birds of a Feather 3: Harnessing Communication & PR Opportunities

The adage, “If you don’t understand it, you can’t sell it,” rings true in business and volunteerism. As leaders of your local AAF chapter and/or district, it is important to craft the right message for your members, community and press. Learn best practices in communicating the value of AAF membership, and the PR opportunities you should seek in your community. 

Danielle Salley, Vice Chair, AAF Council of Governors; Associate Interactive Director, Chernoff Newman
Mara Clark, Chair, AAF Eastern Region; Digital Media Strategist, Cox Media


Keeping Your Team Sane: Prioritizing Mental Health in the Advertising Industry

The advertising industry has a history of normalizing working long hours and burning out employees, but it’s time we normalize making mental health a priority. The pandemic forced many companies to rethink how their teams got the job done: working from home, having more flexible hours during the day and encouraging more effective communication efforts. As we continue to grow and learn from the pandemic, it’s time for our industry to return to a better normal - and not slide back to the way we used to operate.

Danielle Salley, Vice Chair, AAF Council of Governors; Associate Interactive Director, Chernoff Newman


Birds of a Feather 4: American Advertising Awards Idea Exchange

Gather round for a discussion about the American Advertising Awards. Learn best practices from clubs and chairs from across the country. Whether you want to learn more about soliciting and increasing nominations, implementing slight cost increases, selecting the absolute best jury or hosting a phenom gala, this session is sure to answer your questions and more. Come prepared to share and learn!

David Campbell, Chair, National American Advertising Awards Committee; COO & Vice Chairman, Chernoff Newman


The Impact and Future Potential of Advertising Self-Regulation

In this session, learn how a commitment to industry-wide shifts in behavior through independent self-regulation has transformed the advertising industry for decades, and can continue to do so during the digital transformation. With the variety of vexing issues facing business leaders today, industry self-regulation may be timelier than ever for advertising, child-directed marketing, privacy, and other emerging topics. This session features remarks by Eric D. Reicin, President and Chief Executive Officer of BBB National Programs, an independent non-profit organization that operates more than a dozen national industry self-regulatory accountability programs. Eric will then be joined on stage for a Q&A conversation moderated by Carla Michelotti, past chair of AAF.

Eric Reicin, President & CEO, BBB National Programs
Carla Michelotti, President, Carla Michelotti LLC
Clark Rector, EVP, Government Affairs, AAF


National Student Advertising Competition Awards Luncheon

During today’s luncheon, we honor the significant work of our National Student Advertising Competition competitors, announce the winners of the competition as well as other significant milestones in achievement, announce the 2023 NSAC sponsor and learn from Skot Waldron on how we can harness the collective age and experience of the current workforce to the benefit of all.

Keynote: Leading A Multigenerational Workforce in the 21st Century 

This is the first time in history that we have five generations in the workforce. We can't lead everyone the same. The technological revolution is driving where we are going, and it must be embraced by everyone. How do we retool our leaders to help them be the best leader they can be using the skills and insights of earlier generations and merging them with the skills and insights of newer generations? In this session, prepare to gain insights from both sides of the table and learn how you can work together to build your industry. Ignoring the past and scoffing at the future aren't options. We must learn to embrace both. In this presentation, attendees will:

  • Value what each generation brings to the table.
  • Learn how to develop others effectively.
  • Help bridge the gap between different personalities on the team.

Skot Waldron, Internal Communication Strategist and GiANT Consultant


How to Engage and Include Everyone in the Conversation and Big Picture

With companies, brands and individuals looking for the best approach regarding diversity, equity and inclusion, Kai Weidie, Dentsu’s SVP of DE&I, is well suited to lead the discussion, share insights and offer solutions. Whether you seek an introductory understanding or best practices for implementation within your company and/or chapter, this discussion promises to fill in the blanks of questions that leave you wondering how you can make a difference in your daily interactions and create positive impact for tomorrow.

Kai Weidie, SVP, Diversity, Equity + Inclusion, dentsu Media Americas


National American Advertising Awards Committees Meeting

Meeting for the current members of the National American Advertising Awards four subcommittees.

David Campbell, Chair, National American Advertising Awards Committee; COO & Vice Chairman, Chernoff Newman
Dawn Reeves, EVP, Club Services, Membership, Programs, AAF


Shifting Paradigms: Why Gen Z Research is Mission-Critical for Your Brand

The most diverse and technologically skilled generation in history, Gen Z demands authenticity in all aspects of marketing. Never has a cohort been so in control of their own media. The result is that the bar for marketers to connect with Gen Z in a meaningful way is high, but it’s not unattainable. All you need to do is ask them what they think and be willing to listen. In My Opinion, a leading authority on Gen Z consumer insights will share their thoughts on how to incorporate this important audience into your marketing research plan to gain a better understanding of attitudes, beliefs, and motivational meanings so that your brand can make a positive connection and, most importantly, avoid the “cringe factor.”

Jack Kurzu, Co-Founder, In My Opinion
George Teslovich, Co-Founder, In My Opinion


NEEC Summer Meeting - Part 2

For members of the AAF's National Education Executive Council.


Regional Meetings

Join the Executive Committee of your AAF Region as they lead the annual business meetings and discussion.

Western Region Districts – 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Central Region Districts – 5, 6, 8, 9, 10
Eastern Region Districts – 1, 2, 3, 4, 7


AAF Cornhole Tournament

Register your two-person team to play in the first ever AAF Cornhole Tournament in the Magnolia Courtyard. Cost to compete is $25 per team. All proceeds will benefit Ad 2 National. 

Register here

Sunday, June 5




Herd ‘Em Up! Networking Reception

Rise and shine! It’s time to lasso a doughnut and cup of joe during this open networking session that is certain to start the last day of ADMERICA off right! 


American Advertising Awards—What You Need to Know, A to Z

From software to categories, the Gala and situations to engage and avoid, this is your chance to learn from AAF’s leading minds on the American Advertising Awards. As the industry evolves, so must our competition. Join us as we discuss the changes for the 2022-2023 competition season and the ripple effects this will have in your market.

David Campbell, Chair, National American Advertising Awards Committee; 
COO & Vice Chairman, Chernoff Newman


Brilliant Creatives Can Be Brilliant Leaders Too 

Let's admit it. Creatives are great at developing amazing communications campaigns for our clients, but we are not always great communicators when it comes to running our agencies. Leadership is not taught alongside typography, copywriting, design or advertising classes. We're expected to "learn on the job" from people that were also never taught. As a result, there’s high turnover, a lack of employee loyalty, and decreased transparency. We have the wrong idea about what culture is and how it’s nurtured inside of our agencies. In this presentation, you will go through one assessment and one development tool for you as a leader and the organization. Attendees will learn:

  • What your “brand” has to do with you as a leader or employee.
  • How to quickly self-assess your own health as a leader.
  • What it takes to build true influence inside of an organization.  

Skot Waldron, Internal Communication Strategist and GiANT Consultant


Salute to Achievers Luncheon

Bring your noisemakers and join us as wrap ADMERICA with a celebration recognizing the absolute best of our grass roots network. Festivities include the annual Council of Governors parade, American Advertising Awards incentive winners, winners of our Ovation Awards, Governor-of-the-Year, and recipients of the Betty Riehl Excellence in Service, Pat Martin Excellence in District Service and Chic Davis Memorial Awards. Attendees will have the pleasure of seeing the winning Ad 2 Public Service campaign presentation!


Closing Remarks