Hawaii Privacy Legislation

Honolulu, HI, February 22, 2021
—AAF Hawaii Leaders: Last week the Hawaii Senate Committee on Government Operations conducted a hearing on SB 1009, a consumer privacy bill. While AAF supports effective privacy protections for all Hawaiians, we believe this legislation is overly restrictive would cause undue harm to consumers and businesses.

The bill would create an opt-in privacy regime for the state, undermining the ad supported Internet and creating an unwieldly online experience for Hawaii consumers. It would also appear to allow individual consumers to bring legal privacy actions, potentially exposing businesses to unlimited litigation. AAF believes strongly that enforcement authority should be vested solely in the Attorney General. The attached comments submitted to the Committee delve more deeply into these and other reasons for our opposition.

The Committee did not take any immediate action on the bill. We will continue to monitor the legislature for further activity and keep you up to date. You and other members of the Hawaii advertising clubs can register your opposition by sending the comments to your own representatives.

Attachments: Ad Trade Letter in Opposition to Hawaii SB1009

Clark Rector

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