Oklahoma Privacy Legislation

Oklahoma City, OK, February 12, 2021
—AAF Oklahoma Leaders:  As you may be aware, yesterday the Oklahoma Legislature’s House Committee on Technology voted to approve the Oklahoma Data Privacy Act. If approved, it would be one of the most restrictive state privacy laws in the nation.

Of particular concern the bill would impose both an opt-in standard and private right of action, either of which would be extremely harmful to Oklahoma consumers and businesses. An opt-in consent requirement for sales of personal information would subject consumers to repeated and annoying consent requests, stifle competition, and harm consumers by limiting their access to crucial online resources. A private right of action would unleash a torrent of frivolous that could cripple businesses while providing little to no benefit to consumers. Enforcement should be vested in the Attorney General.

Attached is a letter of opposition AAF filed with the committee which details these and other objections more thoroughly. I urge you and the members of your ad club to contact your lawmakers and ask them to oppose this harmful legislation. Please feel free to forward our letter to the legislators and let them know you support the points made.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions and thank you for your work on behalf of the advertising industry.

Attachments: Ad Trade Letter, Opposition to Oklahoma Computer Data Privacy Act (HB 1602)

Clark Rector

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