Change the Narrative: Panel Discussion Toolkit

Since 2015, the AAF has worked with academia, advocacy organizations, and the advertising and media industries to host thought leadership discussions focused on the impact news, advertising, reality television and other media have on the perceptions of African-American women. The events were designed to bring awareness and create possible solutions to promote fair and balanced depictions of African-American women, and diverse cultures as a whole, in advertising and media.

This toolkit is designed to help you organize and implement panel discussions within your own community,  and to help further the conversation, take action, and #ChangeTheNarrative.


Logistical Timeline

A week-by-week guide to help you coordinate your panel discussion.

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Sample Panelist Invite Letter

A simple outline of an invitation to help you find potential speakers for your discussion. 

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Sample Confirmation Letter

A simple outline of follow-up communication, once your have confirmed a speaker.  

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Panel Discussion Guide

Details on the topic and sample questions to help your speakers prepare for the panel discussion.

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Registration Guide

The types of information you should gather from attendees; suggested registration platforms.

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Finding Attendees & Partners

Tips  to thinking "outside-the-box" when looking for an audience and sponsors.

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