Steven Meckler

Photographer, Steven Meckler Photography

Steven Meckler has been a Board member of AAF Tucson and has served as the Club’s Ambassador of American Advertising Awards over 20 years. He has a proven passion for the success of the competition and exemplifies the qualities of Chic Davis, this award’s namesake.

Over the years Steven has served countless times as the Chair or Co-Chairs of the American Advertising Awards Committee.  He graciously hosts every committee meeting, judging weekend, gallery prep and entry sorting at his studio, and has saved the club thousands of dollars over many years. Steven’s experience with the competition is highly regarded by the Board of Directors and Committee members. He is an advisor, historian and shepherd of the AAF Tucson’s American Advertising Awards competition. 

Steven’s passion includes an interest in the future of our industry and he has worked directly with local AAF Student Chapters including the School of Art classes at the University of Arizona, Southwest University of Visual Arts, Pima Community College and The Art Institute of Tucson. He selflessly gives his time as AAF Tucson’s Next Gen/Education Chair, and here also has hosted numerous student events, activities and committee meetings. 

Steven has been instrumental in the success of the AAF Tucson’s advertising education initiatives, including the Student American Advertising Awards, the Club’s student scholarship and paid internship programs. At Steven’s recommendation the Board of Directors allocates a portion of American Advertising Awards event proceeds to pay a stipend to each student chapter for their volunteer hours worked in support of the competition and event. 
In addition to his role in the success of the American Advertising Awards, Steven has had great success with the awards having won numerous ADDY Awards for his outstanding photography.  His work is well known throughout our market, across the state and around the country. 

Steven’s longevity on the AAF Tucson’s Board of Directors is a testament to his commitment to the industry, AAF and the American Advertising Awards. Like Chic Davis, Steven has demonstrated extraordinary service and a high degree of dedication to the success of the American Advertising Awards and to AAF Tucson.


Recipient, 2018 Chic Davis Memorial Award

Last Updated: June 2018