New York Privacy Legislation

Albany, NY, February 4, 2022
—AAF New York Ad Club Leaders, State Sen. Kevin Thomas (D-Nassau County) has introduced data privacy legislation intended to establish data privacy protections to strengthen a consumer’s ability to access, manage, and protect their personal data. While AAF supports consumer privacy protections, we believe they should be established though federal legislation. Unfortunately, because the Senator’s bill differs from other state laws it would cause confusion in the marketplace, limit consumers’ access to vital information and content online, and harm competition.

The bill is scheduled to be heard on Feb 8 in the Senate Consumer Protection Committee. Early intel suggests the bill is unlikely to gain traction this session. However, we have prepared the attached letter to be prepared to go on record with the legislature about our concerns.

I urge your club to join the letter to demonstrate to lawmakers that this is a local, as well as national, concern. I apologize for the short notice, but unfortunately, the turnaround on issues like this is very short. Please send me your club logo by 2:00 pm Monday if you would like to join the letter.    

Thank you for your prompt attention and please let me know if you have any questions.

Attachments: Draft of Ad Trade Coalition Letter Opposing "New York Privacy Act" (New York SB 6701)

 Clark Rector

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