Data Driven Transformation Award Winner

“Equity Every Day Research”
LinkedIn B2B Institute + Professor Jamillah Bowman-Williams of Georgetown Law Center

The business benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are well-documented. Research across multiple industries—psychology, sociology, economics, finance, consulting, and marketing—have consistently shown that companies that prioritize DEI are more successful and profitable.  If these findings on diversity are widely-known, why aren’t we seeing the action we would expect from leaders who accept these findings to be true? 

We took on the challenge of explaining why by spearheading the groundbreaking research project, “Equity Every Day: How Marketers Can Bridge the Knowledge-Action Gap.” Using marketing and behavioral science, we led the development of research that explored the Knowledge-Action Gap to help explain why the business case for diversity has failed to convince marketing leaders to prioritize DEI. Importantly, we ensured that the research provides the marketing community with an actionable blueprint to help organizations make meaningful changes in their inclusive marketing strategies and DEI outcomes.  

The need to drive visible and meaningful change in our communities of color and beyond is more critical than ever. LinkedIn’s mission is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. LinkedIn has become the new professional water cooler as we’re seeing more people come together on the platform to find a new sense of connection, community and purpose. Professional conversations that used to take place in the office are now taking on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is a convener. With nearly 800 million members, we are bringing the power of our platform to organizations to solve big issues of our time. We are establishing a community of professionals that are committed to providing solutions and ideas to some of our toughest challenges.

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