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Connect with a community of advertising pros. There are more than 40,000 professional members of the AAF representing 15 districts across three regions who are actively engaging in local, district, regional and national programs. Being a professional member gives you access to invaluable resources, connections and advertising opportunities.



About Club Membership

With the AAF affiliation, local clubs have a powerful voice and influence in their business communities. Local clubs are comprised of anywhere between 30 to 3,000 members and represent all aspects and disciplines of the advertising industry. By having such an array of members, you gain greater exposure to the industry while staying current with the latest advertising trends.

Local ad clubs sponsor a variety of local programs, including industry-related speaking events, professional development workshops, educational seminars, public service initiatives, social events and local award competitions recognizing excellence in advertising. 

How Can I Join?

Club membership is comprised of professional Ad Clubs and Ad 2 Clubs. Reserved for seasoned pros, an Ad Club Membership can help you stay connected and atop of the latest trends. Tailored for the young professionals, the Ad 2 Young Professional Club membership is for young professionals who are beginning their career. Ready to join one of the AAF's Ad Clubs or Ad 2 Clubs? Find your local Ad Club here or Ad 2 Club here and contact them directly to learn more about dues and the process for joining.

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