Integrated Creative Campaign Award Winner

Pop-Tarts “Día de Muertos”
The Kellogg’s Company, Pop-Tarts + Captura Group 

When you see the U.S. Hispanic audience you’ve been working hard to engage finally starts to adopt your brand with mainstream flavors and formats, how do you take it to the next level? If you’re Pop-Tarts, known for challenging convention with Crazy Good, you bring the richness of Hispanic culture not just into your ads, but also into your food.

Pop-Tarts’ qualitative research revealed that U.S. Hispanic moms feel that they are missing opportunities to pass on their culture to their kids. As her teens spend more time outside the home, discovering new foods and snacks, she fears that her central role as “Heritage Keeper” is compromised. This insight opened the door for Pop-Tarts’ Latino-inspired offering as a catalyst for connection--give Mom an opportunity to celebrate and even educate her teens on their culture with a treat she knows they will love.

Pop-Tarts empowered Captura Group to lead the Día de Muertos initiative. The Hispanic shop kicked off with a full Día de Muertos immersion to ensure that all agency partners could have the proper context, integrate cultural sensitivity and carry out an effective tone and role for the brand. Input was also captured by HOLA, Kellogg's internal Hispanic business resource group, and Kellogg’s Cultural and Inclusive Marketing Team.

A fully integrated marketing campaign ran in Spanish and English language media including a national influencer program with Mariell Guzman; social media; Spanish-language radio; a social purpose grant program with the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC); and PR/Earned media pitching. Recognizing the responsibility of bringing this to life with reverence and sensitivity, the brand applied an intentional culture-first focus. With only a 2-month effort it generated 91% positive consumer sentiment, drove a 70% sales increase, and became a conduit for culture for Hispanic families and ALL. 

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