Multicultural Talent & Suppliers in Advertising Award Winner

GSD&M Vendor Diversity Program

Sixteen years ago, GSD&M made a commitment to provide opportunities for qualified and certified diverse vendor partners. We believed then as we do now that it would help us reach more people, tap into more perspectives, and tell a more compelling story. 

We’ve worked to build a stronger, more diverse, and inclusive culture. As a result, this has led to meaningful conversations and actionable relationships with diverse vendor partners (small business enterprises, minority- or woman-owned businesses, LGBTQ+ and disabled business concerns) as an integral part of our business. 

The most impactful strategy is enforcement of our annual agency- wide vendor partner diversity goal setting initiative. Although we fell slightly short of our percentage spends, we exceeded our overall dollar spend by nearly 10%. 

Additionally, we recogniz e that in order to move our Vendor Partner Diversity initiative forward, we must ensure awareness and buy-in among stakeholders agency-wide. We facilitate an annual Small & Diverse Vendor Partner Summit to introduce potential vendor partners to our staff. This year’s program saw a phenomenal increase in attendance, with 294 participants. 

We strive to engage diverse vendors that reflect the diversity of the communities where we live, work and who are representative of the clients we serve. We actively seek diverse vendors as well as attract, develop, and retain talented employees who can bring a broad range of perspectives to help us discover creative, effective solutions that inspire and enable us to execute ideas that make a difference while building First & Only brands.


Mosaic Award 2021 Winners