Student Impact Award Winner

“Design Looks Like Me”
Jessica Bonello & Johnny Spagnuolo
College for Creative Studies

For the past few decades, Adobe has been setting the standard as the industry leader when it comes to the technology that we are all familiar with as designers. It is safe to say that without these Adobe products, it would be difficult for any designer to create the stunning and professional visuals that we are used to seeing in our everyday lives. Based on our campaign research we discovered that starting at a young age, most creatives’ first introduction to design starts with Adobe inside the classroom. The only issue is that many schools lack particularly the funding and resources that make it necessary for these pricey products to run smoothly within their school systems. Unfortunately, because of this many creative kids are left lacking the knowledge that could help turn their artistic interest into a successful and fulfilling career in the design field. With art programs being cut more and more in our school systems, this lack of knowledge leads to a lack of demand for these types of classes and keeps kids from reaching such possibilities.

As a result of this unequal access across zip codes, the design world has a lack of diverse talent that spans across financial, gender, and racial talent. Our goal was first and foremost, to help school kids spark their interest in design and run a campaign at the start of October. Which combined the month of design with the month of diversity. Since we never really see who is behind the inspiring work that Adobe showcases in their usual advertising, we wanted to reverse that by putting the designers at the forefront instead. Showing kids of all backgrounds that design can look like anyone and that design can look like them. Adobe has the amazing opportunity to not only run a campaign embracing the multicultural talent that already utilizes their software, but inspire the next generation of designers.

"Design Looks Like Me" 

The campaign objectives were to reach as many multicultural students and educators as possible while utilizing out of home as well as web based marketing techniques. The overall goal was to help inspire these audiences to learn more about what was possible with this powerful and unique creative suite. When looking back on Adobe’s advertising throughout the years, we came to the conclusion that the designers behind the work were just as important as their incredible creations. During the research portion of this project, we received overwhelming feedback that there was a lack of visibility and mentorship within the design community and made it our goal to address this issue. By putting digital work done by talent of all different backgrounds at the forefront of our campaign, we wanted to communicate that anyone and everyone can have a successful design career as long as they are given the right tools to do so. We also wanted to keep within Adobe’s standard of design aesthetics and quality while showcasing the work that best represented and reached out to our intended targets. With Adobe using their massive platform, we wanted to reach a target of underrepresented students and give them the material and access they need to be successful in the design industry. Since there is such an overwhelming lack of students from Black and Latinx communities, we wanted to make sure that students with multicultural backgrounds were especially encouraged to participate in this campaign. The core message being with Adobe, great designers can come from anywhere and be anyone. The call to action for the Design Looks Like Me Campaign was to discover how you can become a designer of tomorrow and encourage students to visit to see how they can access resources for mentorships and material that could help shape their future design careers.


Mosaic Award 2021 Winners