Mosaic Champion Award Winner

Alex and Cathy López Negrete 
Lopez Negrete Communications

Alex and Cathy López Negrete have been champions of multicultural diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry since they founded Lopez Negrete Communications in 1985. 

As pioneers in the Hispanic advertising industry, Alex and Cathy led Lopez Negrete Communications as an early champion of diversity and inclusion by making the case for Hispanic advertising in- language and in- culture, as well as the use of Hispanic talent and the incorporation of actionable, culturally driven insights in developing powerful, relevant original work. This opened the door for Hispanic strategists, planners, writers and creatives, in addition to on- and off- screen talent (directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, producers and beyond). Additionally, as advertising campaigns evolved, Alex and Cathy also moved to develop, nurture and employ a nascent community of diverse digital, social and online media professionals. 

Alex and Cathy have always understood that opening doors of opportunity must be accompanied by mentorship and development to ensure that diverse talent have the skills to make the most of that opportunity and that minority-owned and -operated suppliers have every opportunity to shine and bring their entire selves to the table, not just their certifications. To this end Alex and Cathy: 

  • Established the Lopez Negrete Hispanic Marketing Education Scholarship Fund in 2007 to support Hispanic students and students interested in Hispanic marketing, and have hired students for internships in all facets of the advertising business.
  • Have been Houston’s largest employer of Hispanic advertising professionals and the starting point for doz ens of minority students beginning their careers in advertising and marketing. Under their leadership, Lopez Negrete’s diaspora of alumni work on both the client and agency side of doz ens of businesses across the nation.
  • Spearheaded Lopez Negrete’s long- standing internship program that has resulted in hiring more than 150 interns (93% minority students) of which 40 became full- time employees.
  • Have been patrons of the University of Houston’s Jack J. Valenti School of Communication. Today, as leaders of the largest independent, Hispanic- owned advertising agency in the United States, Alex and Cathy continue to drive diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry. Lopez Negrete was a founding agencymember of the Association of National Advertiser’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM). As part of AIMM, the agency continues to address DE&I issues as the industry continues its digital transformation. Specifically:
    • Addressing issues of multicultural marketing data availability, accuracy and affordability through active participation on AIMM’s Data and Measurement committee.
    • Collaborating in conducting the largest multicultural marketing effectiveness study, which led to a new industry tool for measuring diversity and inclusion in advertising: AIMM’s Cultural Insights Impact Measure™ (CIIM™), which identifies the effectiveness of cultural insights in ads.
    • Designing the official logo, brand look, manifesto videos and launch of AIMM’s high- impact #SeeALL campaign. The work of championing diversity, equity and inclusion never ends as demographics, technology and social change provide an ever- evolving landscape for the advertising industry.

While our world is ever- changing, Cathy and Alex Lopez Negrete are always at the forefront of defining and addressing these issues wherever the future takes us.

Mosaic Award 2021 Winners