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“Black Lives Matter Campaign”
Twitter + Clear Channel Outdoor

Twitter is one of the world’s largest microblogging and social networking service, providing a platform for users to post and interact through messages known as Tweets. The messages are defined by brevity and a shorthand language crowd-sourced by users, designed to circumvent restrictions on character count. 

Twitter’s outsized popularity springs from its core mission to allow users the freedom to express explicit thoughts and opinions unfiltered. Then, those expressions can proliferate throughout the world wide web, fueled solely by the power of people reacting to the content and sharing it via retweets. 

Today, many hugely influential people use Twitter to express their thoughts and spread information. Because of their prominent status, people follow and share what they say and oftentimes behave as suggested or instructed. Consequently, the online activity of influential people can have immediate and significant effects. 

During the summer of 2020, under the banner of #BlackLivesMatter, city streets across the world swelled with people protesting police brutality, sparked by the viral video account of the horrific death of George Floyd and other unarmed black Americans. In a botched attempt to arrest Mr. Floyd for an alleged low-level infraction, the world watched an officer pin him on the ground with a knee planted on his neck, held steady by the full weight of the officer’s body. Ignoring claims of “I can’t breathe” and cries for his mother, the officer kept his knee fixed on Mr. Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. There was a collective gasp heard around the world as everyone witnessed the real- time death of Mr. Floyd while in police custody and under the knee of a police officer. 

In addition to protests marches, people needed a more personal way to express their frustration. They needed to pour out their hearts and share their feelings. So, they turned to one of their favorite social platforms in search of healing, support and a sense of community.

While #BlackLivesMatter protests took place on the streets of major cities, Twitter was a hub for debate, activism and expression. People worldwide gathered on Twitter to share their thoughts and experiences. 

With 321+ users, Twitter was able to amass a treasure trove of content and an important Out- Of- Home (OOH) campaign was born. Then, Twitter pulled out all the stops to deliver those messages directly to communities where protesters were rallying for racial equality. 

Since late May 2020, Twitter logged more than 340 million tweets about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The social platform handpicked some of the most powerful tweets from key influencers and on June 19th, began running an ad campaign in seven local communities hit hard by police brutality and injustice and where protests were underway. 

Leaving nothing to chance, even the campaign launch date was purposeful. It evolved straight from the heart of the campaign’s strategy. Dubbed “Juneteeth,” June 19th is an important African- American holiday celebrated by black Americans as the true end of slavery in America. Connecting the campaign with that holiday was a core feature designed to deepen meaning and add resonance.

Clear Channel and Twitter Black Lives Matter Campaign

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