In a continuing effort to recognize the importance of diversity & inclusion in our industry, the AAF's Mosaic Center launched the Mosaic10, a first of its kind, a consumer-selected list of the top 10 advertising and multicultural moments of the 2019.  The complete analysis of the Mosaic10 was structured in a phased approached.

In partnership with Google, over 4,000 consumers participated in a nationwide survey in which they were to evaluate brief video clips associated with 20 multicultural ads and moments of 2019.  Respondents were provided specific criteria when considering their responses, all of which were captured using Google Survey.

The survey consisted of multiple-choice questions with predefined answers in response to the following:

  1. I feel this communication moves our culture forward?
  2. This communication is emotionally engaging and thought provoking?
  3. Overall messages are innovative and/or presented in a creative & innovative manner?
  4. Multicultural people are shown in a positive, honest and authentic way?
  5. The situation presented is believable and realistic?

The 10 ads and moments yielding the highest “yes” response averages across the (5) criteria questions were selected as part of the Mosaic10. The final analysis phase will draw additional insights factoring in, but not limited to the weighting, pre-screening responses, and geographical location.

In addition, insights were gathered by requesting pre-screening information on their sex, race/ethnicity, age, and education level, with an opt out response option. Through these insights, we are able to determine how certain demographics view the content they consume.