Research, Reports & White Papers

Review research on various topics including diversity, equity, and inclusion, technology, data & privacy, and ethics in advertising.

Dentsu Live Talks

Gain agency insights on the latest trends, market research and forecasts in marketing and advertising. Our distinguished strategists across dentsu share their thoughts on what's next in creative and content, media, commerce and customer loyalty.

The Total Commerce Playbook

Customers no longer ‘go shopping’ but are rather always shopping and commerce is a priority for absolutely every brand in any industry vertical. Our playbook delivers insights on how different industries are being revolutionized in the post-store era and provides a framework to extend the maturity of your brand’s commerce capabilities.

COVID-19 Recovery Navigator

Consumers are feeling crisis-fatigue while also aware that the pandemic is far from over. Concern over the virus outbreak remains at elevated levels and consumers are also feeling the force of the economic crisis. They are looking to brands to be leaders of consumer and employee safety. This week we also delve into attitudes surrounding healthcare during the pandemic and vaccines. While most Americans believe in vaccines in general, there is significant hesitation around the safety and efficacy of a pending COVID-19 vaccine, indicating it may not be a ‘silver bullet’.

Unlocking the eSports Opportunity

With a vast majority of sports events being cancelled or postponed as a result of the COVID outbreak, the world is paying more attention to esports than ever before. A growing phenomenon for the last couple of years, esports are here to stay and they can offer a humongous opportunity for brand awareness: download our esports briefing to learn more about this phenomenon and its unique audience from experts at MKTG, the leading agency in the fields of sports, esports and entertainment consulting and sponsorship marketing.

Digital Society Index: Decoding Data Dynamics

Consumer attitudes to personal data can be hard to decode. But understanding them is key to delivering more relevant, engaging consumer experiences. Our third annual survey of 32,000 people across 22 markets reveals a number of key dynamics, many of which are paradoxical.

California Consumer Privacy Act

Marketers and their partners should view consumer data privacy regulation as a path for brand-building and innovation rather than a checklist to comply with. Here are five key themes to take into consideration based upon proprietary research and more than a dozen interviews.

Innovid Global Video Benchmarks Report: A New Era of Personalization

Learn best practices and benchmarks for personalization, device, targeting based on hundreds of billions of video ad impressions and 600+ advertisers.

The 2020 Pandemic: U.S. Hispanic Impact 

This discussion provides an overview of the effects that COVID-19 is specifically having among Hispanics and other ethnic minority groups. More importantly, it outlines how immediate targeted marketing opportunities among multicultural consumers during this time of crisis can help ensure brands are able to rebound as the economy recovers.

Special Report: Brand Management in the COVID-19 Era 

Essential resource for communications, marketing and insights executives navigating their brands through this difficult time.  

MDC Partners: Consumer Research

MDC has teamed up with partners at The Harris Poll to conduct research regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the American consumer.  They want to provide support to brands that are trying to figure out their next move in real time. 

MDC Partners: Business Bounceback Plan

MDC Media is offering a 3-month plan to help your brand survive and thrive through this pandemic.  It’s a simple process to help you identify the appropriate relationship you should be forging with your consumers, and then, to identify the most powerful channels and experiences for delivering that relationship—immediately, based on robust, real-time, customized data.

Report: Coronavirus Impact on  North Carolina & South Carolina Consumers

This study provides a snapshot of the impact the coronavirus has had on the lives of North Carolina and South Carolina’s consumers to date. It provides insight into how consumers have modified their behaviors in the short term, but also how some of these behaviors might continue in the mid- to longer-term and the implications these changes may have on the economy—and to industries and businesses.

Reality TV: Entertaining…But No Laughing Matter

The AAF and Zeta Phi Beta have produced a white paper which explores theories that can be used to understand and tackle current media effects on key discussion points on the problem of media misrepresentation.

National Student Survey 2017

Students from our College Chapters completed a questionnaire regarding their membership and experience with the AAF.

Most Promising Academic Profile & Employment Survey Topline Results 2007-2013

Students who participated in the AAF's Most Promising Multicultural Students program, completed an onsite questionnaire regarding their employment preferences. These white papers are a summary of the results.

Boomer’s Perspective on Multicultural Brand Messaging and Media Content

To provide advertisers and agencies direction for the development of brand messaging that speaks to Boomers and effective ad placement within media content, the Mosaic Center of the American Advertising Federation hosted a two-part, nationally simulcast discussion about Boomers’ perspectives on multicultural brand messaging and media content.

A Millennial Perspective on Diversity & Multiculturalism

The advertising industry is increasingly compelled to discover insights that reveal how Millennials think, feel, behave and interact in our ever-changing society. This white paper explores just that.

Agency C-Suite Roundtable on Supplier Diversity

Advertising departments and agencies agreed there are several business and social objectives for adopting a strategy to increase supplier diversity.