Daniel Petek

Instructor, Washington State University

Three or more job titles is never enough.  Dan is a working fool.  He’s served in marketing, advertising, research and promotion capacities for food companies, manufacturers, fitness marketers, advertising agencies, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

One of Dan’s greatest rewards has been his personal commitment as the primary advertising instructor at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University.  Since 1984, in what he calls “an accidental second career”, Petek has prepared students for real-world careers in advertising.

He’s currently the Chair of the AAF’s National Education Executive Committee (NEEC), which governs all AAF Educational Services programming.  It’s his personal mission to bring real-world strategic advertising platforms to the level of college instruction.  By doing so, its his objective to better prepare future industry professionals as they enter the job market.

Recipient, 2022 Distinguished Advertising Educator Award

Last Updated: May 2022