In a continuing effort to recognize the importance of diversity, equity, & inclusion in our industry, the AAF's Mosaic Center launched The Mosaic 10, a consumer-selected list of the top multicultural moments of the year.

The Mosaic 10, is a consumer-selected “Top 10” list of the multicultural advertising, marketing, and media moments that made an impact over the past year. This initiative takes a unique and thoughtful approach to highlighting inclusive content and offers insight into how audiences perceive the media they consume. Once submissions have been received, a diverse group of consumers review and score the content based on a set criteria and then select the “The Mosaic 10”.


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The Mosaic 10 of 2022


1. Introducing Touch Card

Mastercard + McCann

2. Cleft Choir

Listerine + BBDO Bangkok

3. The Holidays with Mrs. Hayes

Chevrolet + Commonwealth McCann

5. Hey You Good?

Snapchat Creative Council

6. TIME Dreamer of the Year

American Family Insurance + Red Border Studios/Elite Media

7. To the Travelers

Etsy + 72andSunny

8. Never Settle

Toyota + Saatchi & Saatchi

10. TIME101: Sage Center Bronx

P&G + Red Border Studios