Thought Leadership

Keeping a Company-Wide Transformation On-Track During the COVID-19 Crisis 

by Scott Wells, CEO, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas | May 6, 2020
The past weeks have taught me management lessons I wish I never had to learn. There is change you plan for—like a business transformation, a new product line or new marketplace dynamics – and changes forced upon you that you must make the best of – like the current COVID-19 crisis. ... READ MORE >>

Insights from Steve Pacheco

by Steve Pacheco | April 16, 2020
Hope & Optimism. First and most importantly, I hope you, and your family and your friends, are healthy and safe. These are truly trying times for all of us. We’ve seen plans cancelled. Graduations shifting to “dynamic virtual events.” Weddings delayed. We’ve seen hopes dashed as quickly as they are formed... READ MORE >>

Insights from Steve Pacheco

by Steve Pacheco | March 20, 2020
A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO ALL AAF MEMBERS…AAF Staff, AAF Members, AAF volunteers, AAF sponsors and supporters…they all have more than a few things in common... READ MORE >>

Insights from Steve Pacheco

by Steve Pacheco | February 20, 2020
As a college student (way back when) I had a print ad that I had done for a local advertiser that ran in The University of Memphis college newspaper (The Helmsman) that I thought was really awesome! I wanted to enter it into the local AAF American Advertising Awards and see how good it really was. My faculty advisor helped me enter and I sent it in and I waited to hear back. I was so confident of winning that I started preparing an acceptance speech to be delivered at the local American Advertising Awards coming up in February. I never got to give that speech... READ MORE >>

Insights from Steve Pacheco

by Steve Pacheco | December 19, 2019
New Beginnings! This is a very exciting time for The American Advertising Federation! We are literally and figuratively “On the Move”. After so many years at one address, and making so many significant positive impacts on the Advertising community, we are now better positioned than ever to take on the New Year, a new decade and new challenges!..... READ MORE >>

Insights from Steve Pacheco

by Steve Pacheco | November 21, 2019
At the American Advertising Federation, we are deeply committed to ethics advocacy, diversity and inclusion initiatives, leadership development, and education. With over 350 professional and student chapters located throughout the country, we provide a place for our 35,000+ active and engaged members to flourish both professionally and personally..... READ MORE >>

Insights from Steve Pacheco

by Steve Pacheco | October 25, 2019
On behalf of our Board Chair Tara Walpert Levy of Google, and our Vice Chair Lynn Lewis of UM Worldwide, and on behalf of all those in the advertising industry we serve across the United States, through our nearly 100 corporate members, the 40,000+ advertising professionals in our 175 local ad federations from Coast to Coast and the over 5,000 students in our more than 200 college chapters.... READ MORE >>

Influencer Marketing: A Megaphone or Sounding Board?

by Nick Stagge | August 30, 2018
Influencer marketing is the talk of the town. According to Google Trends, influencer marketing didn’t really hit the scene until January 2016, and has since been on a dramatic upward trend. While this emerging discipline has permeated through the marketing landscape.... READ MORE >>

Keynote: Music Provides Context for Brands in Culture

by Kendra D. Croft | June 7, 2018
Presented by Corey Richardson, Director, Cultural Anthropologist at fluent360 and Nidia Serrano, Lead of Multicultural Sales Marketing at Pandora, a full ballroom took a deep dive into the importance of music and the trends brands can capitalize on to stay relevant in culture... READ MORE >>

How to Make Your Creative More Courageous 

by Kendra D. Croft | June 8, 2018
Presented by Shane Santiago, President and Chief Experience Officer at Bravely, attendees gathered to learn about what it takes to make their creative more courageous... READ MORE >>

The Bravest Creative from the 2018 ADDYs

by Shane B. Santiago | June 8, 2018
The 2018 American Advertising Awards (affectionately known as The “ADDYs”) wrapped up last week and showcased some of the best creative from around the country... READ MORE >>

How to Turn a Presentation into an Experience

by Joseph Mayernik | June 8, 2017
The opening credits to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail are ridiculous. Four minutes of absurdity filled with oddball subtitles to make an otherwise dry display of endless names... READ MORE >>

Keynote: A Rising Tide 

by Joseph Mayernik | June 9, 2017
Carter Murray, the worldwide CEO of FCB, gave a keynote speech on gender equality and diversity at ADMERICA in New Orleans. His keynote speech offered options on what leaders and... READ MORE >>