White Papers

Review research on various topics like diversity and inclusion, the state of advertising and ethics in advertising.

White Papers

Reality TV Diversity

Reality TV: Entertaining…But No Laughing Matter

The AAF and Zeta have produced a white paper which explores theories that can be used to understand and tackle current media effects on key discussion points on the problem of media misrepresentation.

National Student Survey 2017

Students from our College Chapters completed a questionnaire regarding their membership and experience with the AAF.
Academic Profile

Most Promising Academic Profile & Employment Survey Topline Results 2007-2013

Students who participated in the AAF's Most Promising Multicultural Students program, completed an onsite questionnaire regarding their employment preferences. These white papers are a summary of the results.
Multicultural Brand Messaging

Boomer’s Perspective on Multicultural Brand Messaging and Media Content

To provide advertisers and agencies direction for the development of brand messaging that speaks to Boomers and effective ad placement within media content, the Mosaic Center of the American Advertising Federation hosted a two-part, nationally simulcast discussion about Boomers’ perspectives on multicultural brand messaging and media content.

A Millennial Perspective on Diversity & Multiculturalism

The advertising industry is increasingly compelled to discover insights that reveal how Millennials think, feel, behave and interact in our ever-changing society. This white paper explores just that.

Agency C-Suite Roundtable on Supplier Diversity

Advertising departments and agencies agreed there are several business and social objectives for adopting a strategy to increase supplier diversity.