Institute for Advertising Ethics
“Matters of Trust”

Institute for Advertising Ethics

The Institute for Advertising Ethics serves to inspire advertising, public relations and marketing communications professionals to practice the highest personal ethics in the creation and dissemination of commercial information to consumers.



Discovering Truth with Tim Love & Wally Snyder

Listen as Wally Snyder, Executive Director of the Institute for Advertising Ethics, and Tim Love, Former Vice Chairman of the Omnicom Group, provide insight into the issues of self-regulation and ethics, trust, and transparency in advertising. Hosted by Rick Tocquigny and presented by Edward Jones.


Wally Snyder Tells the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

Wally Snyder has done it all. But the most important thing he has done for our industry is keep it level and transparent and build trust. We talked to Wally about the importance of creating ethical advertising and the kind of things Wally has always done on behalf of our industry. 

Ethics in Advertising. “Making the Case or Doing the Right Thing

This book provides students and practitioners with a comprehensive overview of the rules and principles associated with ethical advertising practices. With extensive research, and a variety of case studies, and expert opinions, it discusses why advertising ethics is important both to the consumer and the professional.