Student Resources

The AAF has developed a number of resources to help support students in advertising, including webinars, internship resources, resume tips and more!
AdvertisED newsletter

AdvertisED Newsletter

This member-only newsletter, specifically developed for student members, is delivered monthly to all student and faculty members of AAF.
Student Advertising Events

Events & Programs

The AAF provides numerous programs and resources to educate the next generation of advertising professionals and educators.
National Student Advertising Conference

NSAC Resources

Students and faculty participating in the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), the premier college advertising competition, can access resources and tools here.
AAF College Chapters

Chapter Membership

Jumpstart your career in advertising. The AAF has more than 200 chapters across the U.S. and 5,000+ student members.
Port School Webinars

Port School Webinars

This interactive webinar series is a mini-version of a competitive, intensive, one-year portfolio program for students pursuing a career as a creative in the advertising business.
Job Bank

Job Bank

The AAF Job Bank, a partner in the Marketing Career Network, is the place to find that first job or an internship with one of thousands of top marketing and advertising employers.
Mosaic Career Fairs

Mosaic Career Fairs & Conferences

Mosaic Career Fairs & Conferences allow college students to learn about internships and career opportunities from recruiters representing some of the nation’s top advertising, marketing and communications companies.
Advertising Education

Advertising Education Websites

Browse a listing of useful websites for students in advertising or advertising education.