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The Education Services newsletter, AdvertisED, is a monthly publication delivered on the first Monday of every month to student and faculty members of the AAF. Articles include tips and tricks for preparing for a career in advertising, career fair information, upcoming student or faculty events and webinars, recent research and more!

Latest Issue

May 2016
Summary: With ADMERICA right around the corner, we offer some tips on making the most out of attending a conference and creating an effective experience for yourself. Also in this month's newsletter, we help you kick start your career with three ways to land your dream job and move up into becoming the next CMO. Millennials are changing the future of travel one post at a time and we discuss how this can impact your marketing plans. And, don't forget! It's that time of the year again - apply for the Most Promising Multicultural Students Program. Details on how are covered in this month's newsletter. 

*The AdvertisED Newsletter will not be published for the months of June, July and August. 

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