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As a new agency formed by the marriage of MEC and Maxus, Wavemaker takes a Culture First approach—starting with our PACED Values (Passionate, Agile, Collaborative, Entrepreneurial, Diverse), which reinforces the importance of diversity in everything we do.

We are committed to a multi-dimensional approach: ensuring diversity of representation, practicing inclusion and cultivating a culture that celebrates and empowers our people. We hold ourselves accountable to diversity of representation: All members of the leadership team, including the Global CEO and US CEO have specific goals related to building diversity and inclusion in their personal performance objectives. In 2018 we were the only media agency to publish our diversity numbers benchmarking our own employee composition against US Census Bureau data—committing to ensure that our population is as diverse as the consumers of our clients’ brands. We are proud to report that we are closely aligned to the Census data, with 37% of our employees being people of color/belonging to a multi- cultural group. We are also proud of our gender diversity. Our CEO is a woman, our senior leadership team is 61% female and our overall population is 65% female. We are committed to publicly reporting our numbers annually (see our CEO’s email as one of our letters of recommendations).

We practice inclusion: We believe in the power of education and awareness in overcoming bias and wanted to make a statement to our own people and to the industry. We invented the award winning Brave Your Bias—an all agency activation that launched in Times Square during Advertising Week in 2016. It challenged our industry and our people to Brave Their Biases—discovering the biases that can prevent the development of the inclusive, collaborative relationships that are critical to creativity and innovation. We created the website, which gives insight into the various ways unconscious biases can manifest in the workplace and used it as a launchpad for many initiatives since—from who and how we hire (via recruiting panels and BYB: Interview Checklists) to training such as “Building Bridges,” which teaches people how to create inclusive team cultures through their actions to the BYB: Feedback checklist to help people ensure that they are giving unbiased feedback.

We celebrate culture: Throughout our first year as Wavemaker, we hosted over 10 different events celebrating different cultures. Our RQTEKT event series provides a fun and experiential way for people to share their cultures and traditions and learn about others. This month we hosted an RQTEKT Art Noir gallery in celebration of Black History Month and will close out the Chinese New Year with a traditional Yo- Yo performance by one of our employees. We have just joined Out In Tech, a non- profit uniting the LGBTQ+ tech community, as their first media agency sponsor.

We support the next generation: We source our internship program 100% through the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Program. We recruited at the 2019 Most Promising Multicultural Students Expo and are committed to expanding our recruiting efforts.

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Last Updated: April 2019