September 9, 2011


ICANN Moving Forward with Domains

The Internet Corporations for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) continues to move forward with its plan to allow for a virtually unlimited amount of new top level domains, despite overwhelming opposition by the advertising and business communities. Top level domains are the part of a web address to the right of the dot (.com, .org, .net, etc.). AAF President James Edmund Datri released a strongly worded statement opposing the proposal. AAF was an early opponent of the plan, participating in comments in December of 2008 warning ICANN of significant problems with the proposal.

Missouri Ad Industry Urges Verto Override

The Missouri advertising industry is urging the state legislature to override Governor Jay Nixon’s (D) veto of HB 430, the state transportation bill. The legislation would create a category of legal “out of standard” signs which will allow relocation of billboards in lieu of removal and payment of multi-millions of dollars to sign owners and landowners. It would allow scarce funding resources to be more appropriately allocated for highway construction and maintenance projects instead of paying to remove billboards that advertise local businesses and support jobs in Missouri. The measure passed by very wide margins in both the Missouri House and Senate. AAF has sent an on the issue to the Missouri advertising clubs and federations.

South Dakota Maintains Exemptions 

On August 23, the South Dakota Sales Tax Review Committee conducted a hearing to assess the status of many current exemptions to the state sales tax, including advertising services and radio and television broadcasting. The committee voted 13-3 in support of maintaining both exemptions. The hearing was part of the normal periodic review process. The advertising and broadcasting industry had previously educated lawmakers as the importance of the exemption. The AAF advertising clubs in the state were poised to take action had the committee unexpectedly recommended removal of the exemptions.

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