Diversity In Action

“Our value system is supposed to be about
equality, fairness and objectivity. 
It’s supposed to be inclusive and not exclusive.”

—Wally Snyder, President, Institute for Advertising Ethics

The Mosaic Principles serves as guide to common diversity practices that are essential to addressing not only the demands of consumers, but to better reflect our society as a whole. Diversity In Action offers actionable solutions to agencies and companies looking to embrace our Mosaic Principles and create a more inclusive industry.


We Must Recruit for America

Action 1

Recruit from cultural organizations and schools with a diverse population of students.

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Action 2 

Create partnerships within your organization, focused on relationship building and career navigation.

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Action 3

Engage a diverse group of employees in the interviewing and decision making process when looking for new hires.

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Action 4 

Take a look at your company’s job requirements and interviewing questions to weed out hidden bias.

Action 5 

Incorporate diversity & inclusion goals into management and leadership evaluations.


We Must Recognize the Diversity of Talent Within the Industry

Action 6

Increase multicultural talent nominations for award programs.

Action 7

Submit names for award and recognition judging panels.

Action 8

Pitch multicultural creative campaigns and organizational initiatives for recognition.

Action 9

Encourage multicultural engagement on social media platforms.

Action 10

Identify diverse speakers for panels at various levels of leadership.


We Must Provide Development and Leadership Opportunities

Action 11

Conduct formal training programs.

Action 12

Implement discipline rotation programs.

Action 13

Create open access to competitive, high-profile assignments.

Action 14

Promote diverse attendance at industry events to represent the organization.

Action 15

Build mentorship and career path training.


We Must Encourage the Industry to Portray Realistic Images of Multicultural Communities

Action 16

Make conscious decisions to produce and disseminate advertising messages that portray the many facets of multicultural life.

Action 17

Challenge creative teams to present ideas that do not reiterate common stereotypes.



Action 18

Showcase examples of work that portray multicultural people in various life situations.

Action 19

Seek the opinion of multicultural professionals and consumers regarding images that resonate.

Action 20

Partner with education, entertainment and law enforcement entities to create best practices to dispel the stereotypes and assist in disseminating realistic images.