Mosaic Alumni and Friends

Mosaic Alumni and Friends Association



The Mosaic Alumni and Friends Association (MAFA) connects advertising and communications professionals of color who are alumni of the AAF's Most Promising Multicultural Students program, the National Student Advertising Competition, Mosaic Career Fair and Conference, the AAF's college chapters, Alpha Delta Sigma Honor Society and supporters of the AAF Mosaic Center’s mission to advance diversity in this industry. MAFA members maintain and build new relationships with a network of advertising and communications professionals, participate in career development initiatives, support multicultural youth aspiring to enter the business and stay knowledgeable and involved in industry diversity and inclusion efforts.


We accept any and all professionals who are interested in advancing diversity in the marketing, advertising and communications industries. The majority of our membership comes from alumni of the AAF programs stated in the mission above.


Tiffany R. Warren, MAFA Founder/Advisor
Toni Thompson, MAFA Advisor


New York City Chapter:

New York City Chapter
Amber Jackson, Co-Lead 
Karinna Schultz, Co-Lead 

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Chicago Chapter:

Ashley McGowan, VP, General Operations
Nicole Mitchell, VP, External Communications
Jessica Jones, VP, Professional Development