Organizations & Initiatives

100 Roses from Concrete: A network for men of color in the advertising, marketing media, and public relations industries.
600&Rising: Grassroots organization that advocates for the advancement of Black talent in advertising.
  Champions diversity and inclusion in creative industries. 
Act in Solidarity: Initiative challenging all agency leaders to publicly voice their support  for Black industry professionals.
AIR: Allies in Recruiting is a collective of advertising and marketing industry recruiters who share knowledge and expertise to create diverse and equitable workforces.
Blacks Who Design: Highlights all of the inspiring Black designers in the industry.
Hue: Platform built to advocate change by amplifying voices of color working in marketing.
MAIP: The 4A's Multicultural Advertising Intern Program's mission is to provide and showcase the advertising industry with the best talent through world-class development opportunities.
The Marcus Graham Project: Organization that connects and collaborates with the talent development ecosystem, to create a long-term solution to widening the pipeline of diverse talent and leadership within the industry.
Most Promising Multicultural Students Program: connects the advertising industry with the nation’s top multicultural college seniors.
Saturday Morning: An organization that creates ideas that bring awareness to and shift perceptions on racial bias and injustice.
Scope Of Work (SOW):  a talent development agency for young BIPOC creatives that establishes equity in the creative industry.
Where are the Black Designers?:  An initiative and platform that connects designers, educators, and creative leaders and facilitates a dialogue about change, both in and out of the design industry. 

Transparency Reports & Actions

FCB | 10/28/20: How FCB Is Building Consistency Into Its Inclusive, Antiracist Culture
Google | 10/22/20: Progress on Racial Equity Commitments
Facebook | 9/3/20: Voter Support
Ad Council | 8/20/20: Our Commitment to Anti-Racism and Racial Equity
Google | 8/19/20: How to Plan and Deliver More Inclusive Media
Facebook | 7/30/20: Commitment to Safety
Facebook | 7/15/20: 2020 Diversity Report
Moody's | 7/9/20: D&I Response to Systematic Racism and Inequality
Facebook | 7/1/20: Sharing Our Actions on Stopping Hate
Facebook | 6/23/20: New EU Report Finds Progress Fighting Hate Speech +  EU Commission’s Report
Facebook | 6/18/20: Supporting Black and Diverse Communities 
 Spotify | 6/17/20: What Spotify Is Doing To Honor Juneteenth
Facebook | 6/5/20 : Advancing Racial Justice, comments from Mark Zuckerberg
Google | 6/3/20: Standing with the Black Community