Mark Revermann

VP, Business Integration, fluent360

With over a 19-year marketing career, Mark has worked side-by-side with industry leading brands in developing marketing strategies that impact consumer perception and trigger behavior change. As Vice President of Business Integration, Mark currently spearheads all marketing and growth pursuits for fluent360, a multicultural marketing agency with multiple offices nationwide. His category experience includes: insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, associations, non-profit organizations, travel & hospitality, apparel, consumer packaged goods, education, financial services, food, retail, sports & recreation, telecommunications and manufacturing.

A first-generation American, Mark was raised in both a multicultural and bilingual household. As the son of a Mexican mother and German father, his strong family connections continue to ground him in cultural exploration and the support of time honored traditions. Residing in Chicago, he is extremely active in the local multicultural community. When he is not at the agency preparing his next pitch, Mark is active in the tennis governance world serving the United States Tennis Association in various capacities to strategically expand the sport with multicultural audiences.

Mark has a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism.

Speaker, Student Advertising Career Conference 2019

Last Updated: October 2019