Evie DeSarno

Executive Director, Pittsburgh Advertising Federation/Ad 2 Pittsburgh

Evie has been the Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Advertising Federation and Ad 2 Pittsburgh for the last 6 years, after serving on the board and on multiple committees, for many, many years.  Evie began her time with the PAF while working as a Partner/CXO/Senior Account Executive for a Pittsburgh based production company, where she was employed for over 20 years.

Like all Executive Directors within the AAF, a broad job description is “doing what needs to be done” to keep members satisfied and events running smoothly. This includes the day to day operations of the association, building and managing member relationships, overseeing organizations growth, program initiatives, all events, meetings and mentoring of Ad 2 Pittsburgh.  While this is a job, it is considered more of a pleasure to work alongside the wonderful, dedicated Pittsburgh Ad Fed board and its President, Gordon Robertson.

In 2017 Evie agreed to take on extra responsibilities with District 2 by Co-Chairing the New York City and District 2 ADDY Awards along with the Pittsburgh ADDY Chair, Matt Hildebrand.  Running three ADDY Competitions has been full of unique challenges, but Evie embraces the opportunity to work with and learn more about our District 2 clubs and the District 2 Executive team, led by Governor Daniel Chaparro. 

Not bad for a woman whose first job while in college was being Chuck E. Cheese….seriously.


Recipient, 2019 Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award

Last Updated: May 2019