Greg Branch

Chair, National American Advertising Awards Committee; Brand Strategist, AMPM Inc.

A life of unwavering service to others, Greg Branch devoted more than 40 years to advertising and public relations and 22 years of service to AAF. His omnipresence at AAF club, district and national meetings, conferences and events over the past many years has brought cheer and comfort to the hundreds he touched. For the past two decades, the AAF has been the recipient of a gift that few other organizations have received—that of the mind and character, the soul and leadership, the integrity and honor of this man.

His ability to pen and convey a message with utter elegance not only served him well professionally, but culminated in a life of service and volunteerism people gravitated toward. As a result, in 1999, he was elected president of his local AAF chapter and served in this capacity until 2005. After which, he immediately began the multi-year trek through the District 6 succession plan becoming Governor in 2008. During his term as Governor, Greg championed leadership development, assisted with the development of the Institute for Advertising Ethics and served as a member of the Gold Medal Selection Committee. As a popular and highly respected member of the Council of Governors, he was elected as its secretary-treasurer. Later that year, his leadership and desire to make the world a better place was fully realized as Greg became Mayor of his hometown Saginaw, Mich. 

Following his Council of Governors tenure, Branch was elected to the Central Region Executive Committee, eventually becoming chairman. His service in these roles combined with time spent on the Government Affairs Committee and the National American Advertising Awards Committee are a brief glimpse into the servant’s heart of this year’s honoree.

In 2017, Branch was named Co-Chair of the National American Advertising Awards Committee with Michele Massey, a role he continued to fill until he passed away suddenly in February 2019.


Recipient, 2019 Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award

Last Updated: May 2019