National Student Advertising Competition

National Student Advertising Competition


District Competitions

For the first round of NSAC competitions, each team has the choice of competing in-person at their district competition (determined by the geographical location of the school) or remotely through the virtual district. In-person district competitions will vary. Some competitions are held in conjunction with a professional district meeting while others are not. Some districts may only have a few teams and others will have more than 20. Some districts have competitions that last two days. Others are held for only one day. Some district competitions move from city to city around the district and others are always held in the same city. For the virtual district, student teams will compete using Adobe Connect to present their pitch. You can watch the winning presentation from last year's virtual district competition right here.

District judging panels select a first-place team(s) to move to the semi-final round. Districts that have 18 or more teams by the Intent to Participate Form due date qualify as mega-districts. In this case, teams will be evenly divided into two randomly selected competition tracks with two separate panels of judges. First-place winners from each competition track will advance to the semi-finals. If a district only has one team that intends to compete at the district level, that team will automatically be selected to compete in the virtual district. More details are provided in the NSAC Policies and Procedures guide. 

View the dates and locations for each district below.

District 1

April 12, 2019
Johnson & Wales University
Providence, RI
Winner: Johnson & Wales University

District 2

April 26–27, 2019
Pace University 
New York, NY
Winner: Ithaca College and Syracuse University

District 3

April 12, 2019
Hilton Garden Inn Cary-Raleigh
Cary, NC
Winner: Liberty University 

District 4

April 12–13, 2019
Embassy Suite Tampa Airport Westshore
Tampa, FL
Winner: University of Miami

District 5

April 6, 2019
Hyatt Regency Louisville
Louisville, KY
Winner: University of Kentucky

District 6

April 11–12, 2019
Century Center
South Bend, IN
Winners: Columbia College and Grand Valley State University

District 7

April 13, 2019
Renaissance Riverview Plaza
Mobile, AL
Winner: University of Alabama

District 8

April 13, 2019
University of Minnesota–Willey Hall
Minneapolis, MN
Winner: South Dakota State University

District 9

April 12–13
The Plaza Marriott
Kansas City, MO
Winner: University of Missouri

District 10

April 3–4, 2019
Hilton Shreveport
Shreveport, LA
Winners: University of North Texas and Southern Methodist University

District 11

April 4–6, 2019
Boise State University/Grove Hotel
Boise, ID
Winner: University of Oregon

District 12

April 27, 2019  
University of Colorado–Boulder
Cristol Chemistry Building
Boulder, CO
Winner: Brigham Young University–Provo

District 13

April 27, 2019
Honolulu Club 
Honolulu, HI
Winner: Hawaii Pacific University

District 14

March 30, 2019
San Jose State University
San Jose, CA
Winner: San Jose State University

District 15

April 12, 2019
Mount Saint Mary's University
Los Angeles, CA
Winner: University of California, Los Angeles

Virtual District

April 11, 2019
Remotely via Adobe Connect
Winner: DePaul University