Mentorship Program

Role of the Mentor

The American Advertising Federation defines the role of a mentor as a professional working in an advertising related field and has 5 plus years of experience. The mentor has a desire to serve as an educator, motivator, and role model for current AAF college chapter members and young professionals. 

A mentor should be willing to:

  • Educate: The mentor should share with the mentee their specific skills and knowledge related to the advertising industry. 
  • Guide: A mentor should evaluate, modify, and endorse the menteeā€™s goals and aspirations. A mentor should provide encouragement for the mentee to strive towards their goals and aspirations.
  • Motivate: A mentor should challenge their mentee to think deeply about their own actions, desire, and needs. Motivate your mentee to seek new, educations, endeavors to gain more knowledge. 
  • Act as a role model: A mentor serves as an individual whom the mentee may wish to emulate.

Interested in giving back? Become a mentor today!