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Multicultural Talent in Advertising Mosaic Award Winner

WALO | Jarritos | "The Journey"

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America was entering a turbulent time, a leading candidate for the Presidential election was delivering alienating rhetoric and it was working. While some found the arguments disruptive, others began to respond to them, and the streets of America were once again filled with vocalizations of hate.

WALO and Jarritos, both immigrant founded companies with multi-ethnic rosters, made a risky play by taking a stand and deciding to sell UNITY instead of products. Thus, “The Journey” campaign was born.

The objective of the campaign was powerful and clear: to combat a divisive message with a message of unity. WALO beautifully crafted a campaign that would be focused on online media, with a microsite, social posts and videos to ease the spread of the message. The stories written in “The Journey”, shared by many immigrants of diverse ethnic backgrounds, are all intertwined by the reminder that the US is great because of all the immigrants who have built it, molded it, and pushed it forward.

Since it’s launch on October 18th via Jarritos’ social platforms, total views have skyrocketed to 18.5 million and counting with total impressions climbing over 183 million+. The campaign was so well received that key influencers and media outlets have shared it.

Immigrants and minorities, adopted the message and made the brand not only a part of their family, but a part of their culture too, they were no longer just consumers after realizing that Jarritos—like them, had dreams and fought long and hard to obtain them.


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