Mosaic Awards

Mosaic Awards


Mosaic Media Image Award for Advocacy Winner

HBO Latino | "Habla Y Vota"

HBO Latino YouTube Channel

Hollywood often depicts Hispanics as uneducated, impoverished, criminal, undocumented, lazy and ill-tempered.  Focused on helping the Latino community be heard by the general masses in the 2016 election, the empowering special features inspiring personal stories by prominent, influential Latino figures. “Habla y Vota” is an information-packed hour of programming that ultimately highlights the fact that regardless of political leanings, all Hispanics are equally impacted by the decisions and policies put in place by government officials and lawmakers. By voting and taking an active role in politics, Latinos are protecting the rights and interests of the community as a whole and chipping away at the fictitious mainstream narrative of what it means to be a part of the Latino community.


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