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BBDO New York | “The BBDO Creative Residency”

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On the morning of Wednesday, October 1st, David Lubars, Chairman/Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Worldwide, called Jd Michaels, EVP, Director of Diversity & Creative Engineering at BBDO, to his office.
In two hours, David would be speaking on a panel at the One Club’s Here Are All The Black People industry inclusion event, giving advice to attendees about to how to get hired by an ad agency.

“Let’s just find the best people and hire them. Can we organize that today?”

Later that morning, live on stage and on YouTube, David introduced the BBDO Creative Residency, where experienced talent that felt lost in the perpetual flood of applicants could obtain an art director or copywriter position at BBDO New York.
The word ‘resident’ was carefully chosen to describe more experienced candidates from diverse passions and backgrounds, including accomplished artists from fields other than advertising. Those different viewpoints would fortify BBDO’s work. David told the crowd, “We’re giving out five jobs. All you need to do is be extraordinary and want to work harder than you’ve ever worked before.”

Over the next three months, five individuals from across the country were identified and invited to participate. The jobs came at full salary and benefits, guaranteed for a year, dependent on the same criteria as every current member of the creative department. Instead of ‘interning’ for a year to prove oneself and win jobs, the Residents had the jobs from day one. They just had to do them.



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