Mosaic Center for Multiculturalism

The AAF Mosaic Center for Multiculturalism implements all of the AAF's multicultural and diversity initiatives and is an established leader on multicultural marketing/advertising and inclusion issues. The Center's mission includes the development of new programs and services to recognize and develop diverse talent and promote broad and realistic portrayals of multicultural communities. 

The recent display of civil disobedience in every state of the union and beyond with proclamations that Black Lives Matter, has the potential to replace the country’s stain of injustice and inequality with a blueprint for a future free of institutionalized overt and covert racism. But, only if Allies work to become Advocates, and the present movement evolves to a time where Black people, along with all other people, regardless of any differences, are allowed to be fully included in the American way of life.
The AAF's Mosaic Center for Multiculturalism will continue to do its part to promote diverse representation in advertising. Tackling the industry's on-going challenge to recruit, and more importantly retain diverse talent, celebrating organizations and individuals committed to creating inclusive content that reflects various cultures and developing thought leadership tools that addresses the disparities within multicultural communities. During these unprecedented times, the Mosaic Center's members will continue to work with industry partners to help transform cultural attitudes to ensure that people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and orientations are seen, heard and celebrated.
So, please join us in this mission. Become an Advocate for change in an industry that has the power of influence unlike any other. Your voice could help amplify all voices and ensure that, for once and for all, we make a real and lasting change.

For more information on how you can understand and support and Black lives, visit our Black Lives Matter resource page.


Mosaic Principles

Review the AAF’s Mosaic Principles, which offer agencies and companies recommendations on instituting common diversity & inclusion practices.


Designed to fill the void of missing multicultural perspectives, this speakers bureau identifies expert  talent to participate in industry conferences, seminars, webinars, podcasts, and discussions. Signup to join!


A consumer-selected list of the top advertising and multicultural moments of the year. It takes a unique and thoughtful approach in highlighting inclusive content and offers a view into how various audiences perceive the content they consume. 
Most Promising Multicultural Student

Most Promising Multicultural Students Program

The Most Promising program honors the nation's top multicultural college students and enhances their knowledge and understanding of the advertising industry.

Change the Narrative: Depictions of African-American Women in Advertising & Media

Research and panel discussions on the role advertising and media industries play in cultivating consumer perceptions of one of society’s most misrepresented groups.
Mosaic Awards

Mosaic Awards

The Mosaic Awards recognize companies and agencies whose commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident through their creative work and organization-wide initiatives.
Mosaic Council

Mosaic Council

Learn about the Mosaic Council, which is an established infrastructure of national advertisers, general market and minority advertising agencies, media organizations and suppliers.
Mosaic Next Generation Leadership Council

Mosaic Next Generation Leadership Council

The Mosaic Next Generation Leadership Council (MNGLC) is tasked with making various updates and improvements to the Mosaic Center's programming and networks.


The 2020 Pandemic: U.S. Hispanic Impact 

This discussion provides an overview of the effects that COVID-19 is specifically having among Hispanics and other ethnic minority groups. More importantly, it outlines how immediate targeted marketing opportunities among multicultural consumers during this time of crisis can help ensure brands are able to rebound as the economy recovers.

AI’s Diversity Dichotomy: Exposing Continued Biases in AI Systems and Exploring Paths to Inclusion

A discussion from the 2018 Advertising Week NY on both the negative and positive impacts of Artificial Intelligence as it relates to Diversity & Inclusion. 

White Paper: TV Depictions of African-American Women Examined

The AAF and Zeta Phi Beta have produced a white paper which explores theories that can be used to understand and tackle current media effects on key discussion points on the problem of media misrepresentation.