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Agency managers, C-suite executives, and HR professionals all can embark on a journey to inclusiveness in eight simple steps developed by Dr. Mary-Frances Winters in her book Inclusion Starts With I, Eight Steps to Inclusion: The Personal Journey. Other resources are available at

Eight Steps Diversity Expert Mary-Frances Winters Suggests and Questions to Ask Yourself

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Know Self First

Value Self

Acknowledge Your Prejudices

Open Yourself to Change

Learn About Others

Value Differences

Include Others

Embrace Personal Growth

Who are you? What do you stand for? What makes you “you”?

What are your unique gifts? Who is your best self?

In what ways do you exclude? How do you contribute to intolerance? What are your blind spots?

What are your opportunities to grow? To be your best self?

How are other individuals/ groups different from you? How are they the same?

How do differences enhance who you are and can become? What can you learn from differences?

Expand your circle to optimize diversity.

Constantly ask yourself, where are you now? Are you growing in your journey to be more inclusive? What changes do you need to make?

* Taken from Dr. Mary-Frances Winters’ Inclusion Starts With I, Eight Steps to Inclusion: The Personal Journey

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