October 1, 2007

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AAF President & CEO Wally Snyder Announces Retirement

AAF Board of Directors Announces Search

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Wally Snyder, president & CEO of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), announced to the board of directors his planned retirement to occur in November 2008. Snyder, who has served as president & CEO for 15 years, is widely recognized as one of the global leaders in the advertising industry and has initiated inroads in the areas of self-regulation and diversity. The AAF board of directors also announced today the establishment of a search committee to facilitate a thorough and effective selection process for the candidate to succeed Snyder. Snyder’s successor will be elected by the board of directors at the AAF National Conference in June 2008. Snyder will then work with the new president-elect to ensure a smooth and efficient transition period prior to his scheduled retirement.

The members of the search committee are: John Aguillard, president, Wisdom Marketing Group; David Bell, operating advisor, Pegasus Capital Advisors LP; Howard Bell, president emeritus, American Advertising Federation; Jami Fullerton, associate professor of advertising, Oklahoma State University; Murray Gaylord, vice president, marketing, NYTimes.com; Andy Jung, senior director, advertising & media, Kellogg Company; Carla Michelotti, executive vice president & general counsel, Leo Burnett Worldwide; Alan Schultz, chairman & CEO, Valassis; Wallace Snyder, president & CEO, American Advertising Federation; and Frank Cooper, VP – Marketing, CSD Flavors, Pepsi-Cola North America.

David Bell, who served as chairman of the federation when Snyder was selected commented, “The AAF is fortunate to have had Wally’s direction and guidance in government relations, as well as his organizational and industry leadership. In selecting Wally Snyder 15 years ago, we realized with great confidence he was the type of individual who prior to retirement would be sure to institute an orderly plan to ensure his leadership and initiatives continued unabated. It is an honor to have his involvement in locating a worthy successor.” Snyder said, “It has been a joy to work with our diverse membership in the AAF, including advertising clubs and federations, corporate members and college chapters, and I look forward to working with my successor in the transition.”

The successful candidate will be a senior executive from the public policy or marketing disciplines and should possess the following criteria:

  • Success as a general manager who is a respected and proven leader with a track record of success in marketing/advertising/media business, including knowledge of interactive marketing.
  • Knowledge of and experience with key industry issues, challenges and opportunities including legislative, regulatory and legal and policy issues facing the marketing and advertising industry.
  • Experience in managing an organization in an environment that requires a consensus among a large and diverse group of stakeholders.
  • Stature, experience, credibility, personal presence and energy of a leader who will be seen by the industry as the ideal choice.

“The AAF is seeking a passionate leader who exhibits a unique excitement for advertising and its economic and cultural contribution to society,” said Andy Jung, Kellogg Company, immediate past chairman, AAF, and chairman, presidential search committee. “We have been privileged to enjoy Wally’s great sense of humor and personal presence in working effectively with a range of differing agendas and personalities. With his guidance, I trust that his successor will encompass these essential characteristics.”

The search committee will be evaluating candidates over the coming months. Résumés and qualifications of interested individuals should be sent to ceosearch@aaf.org by December 31, 2007. Submissions will remain confidential. For further information and questions, please contact Carol Kennedy at ckennedy@aaf.org or at (202) 898-0089.

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