2007 National Student Advertising Competition

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The Coca-Cola CompanyNSAC

2007 NSAC Challenge: The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company asked 2007 NSAC participants to create an integrated marketing campaign for Coca-Cola classic, the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history.

Students received the case study in September, and over the next eight months, they conducted extensive primary and secondary research to create media, creative and promotional plans for Coca-Cola classic.

This spring, 152 schools competed in NSAC's 15 district competitions, and 18 teams advanced to the national finals, which were held during the national AAF conference in Louisville, Ky. NSAC finalists included:

  • District 1: Quinnipiac University, Renee Gravois Lee, Faculty Adviser
  • District 2: Baruch College, William Heath, Faculty Adviser
  • District 2: Syracuse University, Ed Russell, Faculty Adviser
  • District 3: University of Virginia, Jack Lindgren, Faculty Adviser
  • District 4: Florida State University, Barry Solomon, Faculty Adviser
  • District 5: Marshall University, Allyson Goodman, Faculty Adviser
  • District 6: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Steve Hall, Faculty Adviser
  • District 6: University of Michigan, Mary Schmidt, Faculty Adviser
  • District 7: Savannah College of Art & Design, Art Novak, Faculty Adviser
  • District 8: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Howard Liszt, Faculty Adviser
  • District 9: Webster University, Nancy Wilson, Faculty Adviser
  • District 10: Texas Christian University, Mike Wood, Faculty Adviser
  • District 11: Portland State University, Don Dickinson, Faculty Adviser
  • District 12: The Art Center Design College-Tucson, Colleen Gimbel-Froebe, Faculty Adviser
  • District 13: Chaminade University of Honolulu, Cliff Bieberly, Faculty Adviser
  • District 14: California State University, Chico, Bill McGowan, Faculty Adviser
  • District 15: University of Southern California, Ken Wilbur, Faculty Adviser
  • Wild Card Team: University of Texas at Austin, John Murphy, Faculty Adviser

After a day and a half of presentations, the University of Minnesota received the top prize. According to the judges, the team's "Together" campaign clearly defined the brand architecture and did a great job of emotionally segmenting the market to drive Coke consumption.

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota concludes its presentation for the judges. Presenters include (from left to right) Brandon Miller, Mike Tsang, Matt Nyquist, Brenna Whisney and Meghan Norris.

The University of Michigan placed second, and the University of Southern California and Syracuse University placed third and fourth, respectively.

University of Michigan

Second Place: University of Michigan

University of Southern California

Third Place: University of Southern California

Syracuse University

Fourth Place: Syracuse University