Distinguished Advertising Educator Award

Since 1987, the AAF has been recognizing the best advertising professors in the country through the Distinguished Advertising Educator Award.

These individuals

• have been consistent mentors to students resulting in new, talented and effective professionals in advertising;
• have supported the success of the advertising industry in a personal way through research, teaching and/or advocacy; and
• have been engaged in the advancement of the mission of AAF (as “The Unifying Voice of Advertising”) through activism within the academy.

This award is intended to honor a senior individual who has accomplished all of the above to the benefit of our industry over the course of a career. In the case of a career cut short, this award may be given posthumously. The deadline for nominations is Friday, March 13, 2015. Click here to be taken to the nomination form.

Eligible candidates for this award are educators who are or have been full-time faculty at accredited colleges or universities in the United States and who have made significant contributions to advertising education during their career of distinguished teaching. Candidates must demonstrate the following measures of distinction:

1. Teaching excellence and student advisement.

  • Has facilitated student learning about the advertising profession and advertising industry
  • Has been a caring role model for young people
  • Has been a consistent mentor to students resulting in new, talented and effective professionals in the industry

2. Scholarly research, publications and/or professional experience.

  • Has supported the success of the advertising industry in a personal way through research, teaching and/or advocacy
  • Has contributed to the body of advertising knowledge
  • Demonstrates the ability to mesh theory with the reality of the marketplace through significant professional experience

3. Active participation in local, regional or national professional advertising organizations and other services to the industry within academia and the community.

  • Has contributed to the advancement of the advertising industry through his or her involvement in professional organizations (e.g. AEJMC, AMA, AIGA, AAF, AEF, AAA, etc.)
  • Demonstrates awareness of and involvement in issues that impact the advertising industry and his/her community

Method of Nomination
The committee will use the criteria above as the basis for judging nominees. Please complete the official nomination form. Nominators must be AAF members (e.g. faculty advisor to an AAF college chapter, college chapter member, professional advertising professional, etc.). Nominees do not have to be AAF members. Nominations will be accepted online only. More than one individual can nominate the same candidate using separate forms. Recommendation letters supporting an official nomination are encouraged. Please limit additional supporting material to 10 pages.

Questions/Inquiries should be directed to:
American Advertising Federation
Education Services-DAE
1101 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 898-0089 Fax: (202) 898-0159
E-mail: education@aaf.org

The nomination deadline is March 13, 2015.

AAF Distinguished Advertising Educators

Dr. Bruce Roche
University of Alabama

Lynda Maddox
George Washington University

Greg Pabst
University of San Francisco

Roy Kelsey
Oklahoma State University

Hugh G. Daubek
Purdue University Calumet

Mary Ann Stutts
Texas State University

Alice Kendrick
Southern Methodist University

Thomas A. Bowers
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

W. Ronald Lane
University of Georgia

Esther Thorson
Missouri School of Journalism

Leila (Lee) Wenthe
University of Georgia/South Carolina

Jerome Jewler
University of South Carolina

Howard S. Cogan
Ithaca College

Frances Rutland Lacher
Fashion Institute of Technology

Robert E. Ellis
Northwood University

Bruce Vanden Bergh
Michigan State University

Walter Weir
Michigan State University;
Temple University;
University of Tennessee

Elsie Hebert
Louisiana State University

Don E. Schultz
Northwestern University

Kim Rotzoll
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

John Philip Jones
Syracuse University

William Goodrich
University of South Carolina

Billy I. Ross
Texas Tech University

S. Watson Dunn
University of Missouri, Columbia

Philip Ward Burton
Indiana University