Chic Davis Memorial Award

Recognizing an individual who has made a significant contribution to the American Advertising Awards at the local level.

The Chic Davis Memorial Award is an annual award that will be presented at ADMERICA!, AAF’s National Conference. The award is designed to honor Chic Davis, a long time member of the AAF whose years of service were committed to the success of the American Advertising Awards.

The award will be presented to an AAF member of a local club or federation whose service to the American Advertising Awards exemplifies those of Chic Davis; someone who has made a significant contribution to the overall award program at the local level.

Download the 2014 Call for Nominations. Nomination Deadline: March 14, 2014

2013 Recipient: Melissa Richey

In this inaugural year of the Chic Davis Memorial Award, nominations were received from across the country. Numerous leaders at that the helm of their club’s American Advertising Awards program demonstrated the qualities and dedication of the high standards set by Chic Davis during his long tenure of leadership with the American Advertising Awards and the AAF.

This year, Melissa Richey, American Advertising Awards Chair of AAF Oklahoma City, is the first recipient of the Chic Davis Memorial Award because her dedication and commitment to the success of the program most closely reflect those of Chic Davis.

Melissa has served as the Chairman of AAF-Oklahoma City’s American Advertising Awards program since 2010, as well as Club President, 2nd Vice President and board member. While fulfilling so many responsibilities, Melissa never lost sight of the importance of managing a successful American Advertising Awards Program, earning her the beloved title of “ADDY Awards Queen” by her peers.

Melissa is now involved in her sixth consecutive AAF-Oklahoma City American Advertising Awards competition and gala. Throughout the years, she’s been responsible for organizing the event from beginning to end and the club has seen the number of both entries and entrants increase by 50%, while profits for the club have increased by a factor of six; from $6,000 in 2010 to roughly $36,000 in 2013. Melissa has also been instrumental in developing the image and brand of the competition in the market making it a “must-attend” cultural event. Clearly, Melissa’s visionary and respected leadership has resulted in exponential creative and financial growth for AAF-Oklahoma City.

While maintaining these high standards, Melissa is also a loving wife, a mother of a very busy three year old, is a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan and loves, loves, loves to shop for shoes.

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