Chic Davis Memorial Award

Recognizing an individual who has made a significant contribution to the American Advertising Awards at the local level.

The Chic Davis Memorial Award is an annual award that will be presented at ADMERICA!, AAF’s National Conference. The award is designed to honor Chic Davis, a long time member of the AAF whose years of service were committed to the success of the American Advertising Awards.

The award will be presented to an AAF member of a local club or federation whose service to the American Advertising Awards exemplifies those of Chic Davis; someone who has made a significant contribution to the overall award program at the local level.

2014 Recipient: Jim Hausfeld

This year marks the second year for the Chic Davis Memorial Award. Nominations for the 2014 Chic Davis Memorial Award were received from across the country for leaders at that the helm of their club’s American Advertising Awards program who demonstrated the qualities and dedication of the high standards set by Chic Davis during his long tenure of leadership with the American Advertising Awards and the AAF.

This year, Jim Hausfeld, American Advertising Awards Chair of AAF Dayton, is the second recipient of the Chic Davis Memorial Award, because of his dedication and commitment to the success of the program most closely reflect those of Chic Davis.

Jim's first exposure to the awards was as an entrant in 1990. Seeing the importance of the awards to the local advertising industry, and wanting to help grow the program in size and prestige, Jim soon began to volunteer on the Club's awards committee. In time, he took on the role of committee chair and has helped the once fledging program reach new heights. Jim was instrumental in moving the competition into the digital age and the competition routinely sets records for entries.

Jim's work with the American Advertising Awards is not limited to the competition. He takes an active role in the planning and production of the show and gala. The excitement and suspense over the surprises in store have become an annual tradition in Dayton. The gala is the industry's must-attend event of the year, and in 2013, set a record for the number of tickets sold.

Like Chic Davis was with the national awards, Jim has become the heart and soul behind AAF Dayton's American Advertising Awards program. His creativity and organization continue to make the AAF Dayton program stronger each and every year. While continuing to grow the awards, Jim stringently maintains the integrity of the program and assures that the competition's ideals are upheld at all times. Both AAF Dayton and AAF National are the benefactors of Jim's commitment to the overall success of the Hermes Awards and American Advertising Awards.

In his paid job, Jim is the Creative Director for the Ohlmann Group, a full service marketing advertising agency in Dayton, Ohio. Jim is fortunate that his wife Lisa and children Mitchell and Katie support him in his "dual career." Jim is also proud to say that once, in a moment of wild abandon, he piloted a blimp.

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