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June 1–4, 2012
Austin, TX

Experian Simmons Consumer Research

Experian Simmons has provided data from its Simmons 2010 National Consumer Survey for use throughout the National Student Advertising Competition. Competitors will use the Experian Simmons OneView online platform to access the data.  Please send an email with the sponsor’s name, email address and phone number to education@aaf.org.

Usage Restrictions
Please adhere to the guidelines listed below regarding usage restrictions governing the product:

— In making such disclosures of Simmons Services, participants must identify Experian Simmons Market Research as the source of such Data and Reports, and include the name of the survey, survey period, specific data segment, specific demographics, and the Experian Simmons copyright notice.

— Disclosure of Simmons Services to any person other than the participant, including lending and or giving an original copy, reproduction or access to Simmons Services or other delivered items to any person other than the participant, is strictly prohibited and is a violation of the Federal Copyright Law.

The OneView User Guide can be downloaded from the Resources tab on the OneView platform.

Technical Assistance
Should you experience any issues with access to the OneView platform, please contact Greg Hahn at greg.hahn@experian.com.